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How To Connect Xbox To Pc With Hdmi

    Xbox One succeeded the Xbox 360, among the top gaming consoles ever! It can run games of the highest quality that require lots of processing power because of its sophisticated graphics requirements and some games that are perfect for a cozy family evening!

    Turn off the Xbox and shut down all running applications from your laptop. Then connect your HDMI cable between the Xbox and laptop. Turn the on to the Xbox while your computer can function as an additional monitor. If your laptop does not have an HDMI port, follow the steps previously mentioned; however, you need to purchase a USB adapter to an HDMI adapter and then connect your HDMI cable. It is also possible to connect wirelessly if you want to mess around with wires.

    Do I have to link the Xbox One to my PC using HDMI?

    Yes, Xbox One can be connected Xbox One to your PC through HDMI.

    However, you’ll need to ensure that your computer includes at least an HDMI port. If it doesn’t, you can buy a specific adapter that allows users to connect the Xbox One to their PC via HDMI.

    How To Connect Your PC to Xbox One via HDMI

    If you’ve made it to this section in the tutorial, this is the information you’ll have to do to connect your computer to Xbox One:

    Power Off the Xbox

    Switching off Xbox One is pivotal in the prevention of memory loss. Before shutting it off, ensure that all pending downloads and installs have been completed. Then close any games that are running.

    Connect the HDMI Cable

    If using a computer, ensure it includes an HDMI input, then connects with the Xbox console. If your PC doesn’t have an HDMI Port, buy an adapter or converter for USB-HDMI and secure it in a similar way to the one described above.

    Close All the Windows on Your PC

    The next step is closing all windows that are open to allow your Xbox to be able to work seamlessly together with the PC.

    Power on the Xbox

    Make sure that your Xbox usually operates. If it doesn’t, turn it off and try it another time after a few minutes. If it’s working fine and then the Xbox will inform you that it is connected to an encrypted connection to your PC.

    Select the Proper Display

    Choose the proper display using the function keys. Make sure the screen’s size and resolutions are in order before proceeding. Then, visit the main menu of the Xbox and select “System Settings,” then modify any settings you feel do not suit your needs, like “Sound Vibrancy.”

    How can you play on my Xbox with my PC using HDMI?

    The most convenient way to use the game on your Xbox on your PC with HDMI is to use the Xbox One controller or Windows 10 gaming headset and the Xbox One adaptor. There are a few alternatives from third parties that you could test, for instance, Game Console Hub. Game Console Hub lets you connect your Xbox 360 and Original Xbox to your computer via a USB cable to play games on your PC.

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    The XBOXPlayTV tuner transforms the old HDTV into an entertainment center with the Xbox 360 controller and an HDMI port that connects directly to your PC.

    How do you get started streaming your game via your Xbox app?

    To connect your Xbox One to your laptop via Xbox Connect, or the Xbox app, you must first enable game streaming on your Xbox One. This option is located within the “Xbox Connections” in the “Settings” menu of the Xbox. After that, connect to your laptop and perform the following:

    Start the Xbox application on your laptop, and then select”Connection” from the menu “Connection” option from the bar to the left.

    The Xbox app is now able to look for the available Xbox consoles that are on home networks. Select the console you’d like to use.

    The connection is made when new possibilities, like streaming, are displayed within the windows. Click on “Stream.” You are now able to start any game within your Xbox app.


    Gaming PCs have more graphics than Xbox because their hardware is superior to components of consoles such as Xbox One.

    Furthermore, you can use Ray-tracing features when playing on a PC and adjust it to your personal preferences compared to consoles.

    If your Xbox App is not working correctly, ensure that your system’s requirements align with the minimum requirements.

    The minimum system requirements to run the Xbox App are 2GB of RAM and a 1.5 GHz CPU.

    Your computer and Xbox must be connected to identical internet connections.

    Make use of Ethernet and 5GHz frequencies on your Wi-Fi networks to avoid interruptions in streaming and decrease the quality if your Wi-Fi isn’t speedy enough.

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