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How To Cut Curtain Bangs

    Curtain bangs are an excellent option to test out bangs, especially if you’re hesitant about wearing a shorter bang. Long, wispy hairstyles are loved because they flatter every face shape and are easy to wear. The curtain bangs frame the face and are longer than other types of bangs. They’re also easy to cut your own. All you need is two tools and some confidence. You’ll be savoring your new locks within a matter of minutes!

    How to Cut Curtain Bangs:

    It’s best to have you have a professional hairstylist who is trained at salons to cut your hair and especially if this is your first time having bangs. But, scheduling an appointment may not be a viable option. Therefore, if you’re looking to trim your own curtain bangs in your home, follow this step-by-step instruction straight from experts.

    • “If your hair type is 1A-2C, you can achieve this look while the hair is wet,” Bergamy states. “For hair types 3A-4C, I recommend blowing the hair out and creating longer curtain bangs so when you want to wear your natural curl pattern, it still will blend with the rest of the hair.”
    • Begin in the middle of the bang (which will be the shortest section of your bang) by cutting the shear.
    • Cut mid-way through the hair, then move towards the edges. Bergamo suggests that you’re holding the shears diagonally towards the ends of your bangs, so it creates an angle. This will help that your bangs are in harmony with your other hair.

    Be more patient than you imagine you’ll need to be.

    I know this sounds like a cliche; however, this was not until after the end of my curtain that bangs began hitting me with my eyes each day that I remembered the primary rule for all bangs styles: prepare to be blinded at most 75 percent often. I’m not sure how people maintain their bangs properly in their faces-framing spots throughout the day however I’m far from being one of these blessed people.

    When I cut my first curtains bangs, they tended to be just a little short of where I could tie the bangs between my ears. If you don’t like this feeling as I do, take a lesson from my mistakes and cut them on one side that is longer. You can always trim them further; however, you aren’t able to put your hair back.

    Direct And Combine Sections

    Just next to the central section, select a smaller segment (section 2.) and then direct section 2 into section 1. Section 1 will fall out. This is when you start cutting section 2. This direction over will create the long-to-short framing shape. Paragon II Paragon II is the perfect instrument for this method as it requires an edge that is razor-sharp from the base up to the tip to make subtle cutting motions without damaging hair.

    Style Your Curtain Bangs

    After you’ve cut your bangs for curtains to the length you prefer and you’ve trimmed them slightly, it’s time to get into the fun of styling them! They need a bit of size and shape to appear the best. If you have curly and curly hair you may just need to dampen and dry them in the air to get the right appearance.

    If you’ve got straight hair, or your curls or waves cause your bangs to lay in a strange way, you’ll need to take a round-shaped brush and blow-dryer (or an all-in-one instrument such as Dyson Airwrap) to get them back in order.

    Make sure to get your new bangs from the root to the ends. Dousing your comb with water and then slowly moving the hair through is a simple method of doing it. Utilize a round brush, and slowly turn it under the bangs you have just added to hold the hair in between bristles.

    Place your hairdryer over your bangs, and move the airflow downwards and up while you turn the brush.

    After your bangs have dried, make your part again and alter the length of your bangs. The bend made through the round bristle will naturally turn outwards and create an inverse C-shape. This is the classic look of a curtain bang.

    You can use some texturizing hair powder today to give your shiny locks some extra energy.

    The best curtain bangs have to be blended.

    I’d never make a full cut and hairstyle at home, but curtains appeared to be a fairly low-risk chance at the moment. When that small piece of hair fell on the floor, I realized that I had made an error. “Curtain bangs are tricky, and making them open up to frame your face does take some skill,” says hairstylist and celebrity Justine Marjan. This is the reason she suggests consulting a professional to do this. According to Marjan and her clients, the most frequent DIY mistakes include cutting the hair too sharp and not sculpting the bangs in a way that suits the shape of your face and appearance.

    “Sometimes, when cut at home, they won’t blend into the rest of your hair,” she adds. “A great hairstylist will be able to blend them as much as possible for an easier grow-out.”

    Correct and Perfect the Bangs

    After all your hair has been cut to the proper length to fit your curtain bangs, brush through them again, and let them fall as naturally. Be sure to look for any oddities. If you spot any pieces that are larger than the rest, take them off and cut them off using the same snips for verticals that you’ve been using.

    You can also put tightly held portions of your bangs between your fingers. You can then use shears to create tiny vertical cuts through the ends of your bangs. The ends will become soft and allow them to be curved or flip out towards the end.

    Don’t be concerned even if your locks don’t appear as you imagined; however, styling will take care of it!

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