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How To Delete A Tiktok Video

    TikTok has won a significant reputation in brand new years as a social media platform that permits you to create and look at brief-form motion pix. But conditions would upward thrust up on the equal time as you revel in the want to delete a TikTok video you formerly shared. The video may no longer constitute who you are, or you may regret posting it. Regardless of the cause, deleting a TikTok video is a smooth system. Pocket-lint has provided you with a step-with the aid of the use of-step guide to help you speedy get rid of any of your TikTok movies.

    How to Delete a Tiktok Video 

    Even if your TikTok profile is public or private, you may delete a TikTok video by doing the following steps:

    • On your mobile phone or tablet tool, discover and open the TikTok app by tapping it. 
    • From the homepage of Tik Tok, faucet the ‘Me’ profile icon in the backside properly. 
    • Once on your profile, discover the video(s) you want to delete and tap on the number one. 
    • Once the video has loaded, faucet the Share icon (iOS) or the three horizontal dots (Android) to get admission to more options. 
    • Finally, scroll left-to-right with the menu alternatives until you discover the trash can icon categorized ‘Delete,’ and tap on the delete desire. 
    • To verify your deletion, faucet ‘Delete’ or ‘Confirm’ within the pop-up window. 
    • Repeat as crucial for as many films as you need to delete.

    How to delete your current video

    Once you record a video on TikTok, you have a few more steps before scaling it. These steps allow you to collectively add media, such as audio, results, or text with hashtags, mentions, and an outline. Thanks to these steps, you have more than one technique to go back down from the video and start again or now not grab one in the slightest.

    On the TikTok Recording Screen

    Sometimes you begin recording a video and understand what you want to prevent. Do the following to forestall the recording and get rid of the video.

    • Immediately tap the check mark at the bottom right.
    • Instead of tapping Next, tap the top left arrow to go back.
    • Then hit the X, which is also at the top left.
    • You will be asked if you should start over or delete what you have captured.

    On the TikTok Editing Screen

    If you captured a brief video, you might run out of time to hit the above checkmark. Not to fear! Follow the one’s steps.

    • When you notice your video preview on the enhanced display, tap the top left arrow to navigate again.
    • Then press the X.
    • Choose both Start Over or Discard.

    On the TikTok post screen

    If you get to the post screen, after which you decide to delete the video, it’s similar to the above.

    • Tap the arrow on the pinnacle left to transport all over again
    • Tap the arrow over again at the enhancing show.
    • Hit the X.
    • Choose to Start Over or Discard.

    Account Deletion Process

    Now that you have related your telephone to your TikTok account, you can delete it.

    Here is the manner you do it:

    • Tap the Profile Information icon. Then tap the 3 dots within the top proper-hand corner.
    • Tap the Manage My Account preference.
    • Select Delete Account at the lowest.
    • The app will ship you a unique OTP message with a verification code. Enter the code inside the container and faucet. Continue.
    • Your TikTok account is now deleted.

    Can you delete non-public TikTok films?

    Yes, you could delete a personal TikTok video. To delete a personal TikTok video, observe the identical steps you’ll observe to delete a public video. Open the TikTok app, discover the video you want to delete, faucet the three-dot icon to the proper of the video, and choose “Delete.” The video will then be eliminated from your account.

    Can you download a TikTok earlier than deleting it?

    Yes. If you need to maintain a duplicate of your TikTok video earlier than deleting it, comply with the one’s steps:

    • Go to the TikTok video you want to download.
    • Hold down at the show till a menu seems.
    • Select “Save video.”
    • The video will then start downloading to your device.

    Important Things to Know

    Deleting your account will delete all your films, preferred song, and everything else tied to your profile. However, chat messages despatched to other TikTok customers will stay seen by them.

    Apart from that, all your films, capabilities, and profile settings are far beyond desirable. There isn’t always any way of reactivating your account, even as you delete it. You will create another profile if you ever need to use TikTok again.

    Wrap up 

    It’s well worth mentioning that you could also make your video personal via way of changing the privacy settings; that is if you’d determine no longer to delete it.

    On a very last note, we experience that it is better to delete a video that could harm your account in the long run (unpopular, does not align with the side of your brand, and many others.) and, as a substitute, actually keep constantly posting correct excellent content cloth.

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