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How To Download And Install AOS TV On Firestick

    Amazon Firestick Amazon Firestick offers an easy option to convert any television into a smart TV. To make the most of this device, looking into the wide range of streaming applications is essential. The most notable option is AOS TV. AOS TV is an IPTV service that offers a powerful alternative to cable. For a comprehensive list of TV shows on life, learn how you can download AOS TV and install AOS TV on your Firestick.

    Features of AOS TV

    • The AOS TV application features the most simple and easy-to-use interface.
    • It is easy to join channels on the favorites list.
    • The contents of this IPTV can be classified into various groups like news, religion, sports movies, and so on.
    • The AOS TV application is accessible for free and doesn’t come with any additional charges.
    • This app is compatible with multiple devices.
    • It has more than 1,000 TV channels in diverse countries around the world.

    What is the AOS TV App?

    AOS TV is an APK app for Android designed to stream and watch no-cost films streaming live and entertainment events without signing up on the internet. It’s an APK with a wide range of options that weighs only 16MB and includes over 50 TV channels and free football stations, including Manchester United TV, Chelsea FC TV Supersport 1, Supersport 1 Supersport 2, and Supersport 3.

    The AOS application isn’t an ad-free streaming service that’s free to download on an Android phone. It’s similar to the CotoMovies Twitter handle, which was deleted to prevent sharing copyrighted content].

    It is a sign that the AOS TV APK is ad-supported, which is annoying because they appear regularly. You must be aware of this if you manage to block the ads.

    How to Download and Install AOS TV on Firestick

    AOS TV is a popular streaming service that allows you to stream IPTV content curated explicitly for Asian users since it has channels from various Asian nations. The steps below will help you download and install AOS TV on Firestick: AOS TV application on Firestick:

    Notification: We don’t support or endorse any tools/apps from third parties mentioned in this post. The users must ensure the security of their information for protection against data breaches or privacy concerns. So, make use of these applications according to your discretion.

    • Join your Amazon Firestick device to your home network.
    • Click Settings on the home screen.
    • Next, select My Fire TV.
    • Open through the DEVELOPER OPTIONS menu and then choose Applications from unknown sources.
    • Click the ON button to enable the setting up of the AOS TV app on your Firestick.
    • On the home menu, choose the Find tab, then select the Search option.
    • Find and choose the Downloader application.
    • This app must be installed to install AOS TV onto your Firestick.
    • Click Download to install the program.
    • Then, open the app and allow access to media files.
    • Input the URL of the AOS TV application below, and then select the option Go to download the APK download.
    • Then, wait until to wait for the AOS TV APK to finish downloading. After it’s completed, click to select the INSTALL option.

    Necessary: Once you have installed the app, delete your APK file.

    Following installation, click OPEN to start the AOS TV application on your Firestick.

    How can I stream AOS TV onto Firestick with a VPN?

    To access AOS TV on Firestick from all over the globe, it is necessary to use the VPN service. Follow the instructions below to install NordVPN and then use the application.

    On your Fire TV home screen, hit open the Search box.

    In the search box, type NordVPN into the search box.

    The NordVPN app will show up in the display. Click Download.

    After the application has been downloaded, choose Open. Once the app is downloaded, select the Open option.

    Log in to the details of your NordVPN account. Select to connect using the US VPN Server to connect to.

    Then, you can open AOS TV. Once you have it open, launch the AOS TV app and start using it anywhere.

    How to Add AOS TV to Firestick Home Screen

    Visit the Firestick home screen, and then choose to open the Apps icon.

    Navigate into the AOS TV app, then hit Options on the Firestick remote.

    The menu appears at the top. Scroll to the bottom and choose the option to move to the front.

    Finally, tap OK.

    You can now connect to AOS TV from the AOS TV application on your home screen.


    If you’ve enjoyed using Mobdro or ThopTV and ThopTV, operating the AOS TV application is pretty simple. The interface and user interface are like the other apps; it is not difficult to stream videos.

    Step 1: Open the AOS TV in the Apps & Channels Section on your FireStick.

    Step 2: You will see the top-rated content on the main screen. Please select any one of them to download it onto your device.

    Step 3. To the left of the display, you’ll see categories like News, USA TV, World IPTV, and UK TV, as well as others.

    Step 4: Pick one category and select the application to stream it onto your device. Unfortunately, the app can’t connect it with other media players.


    AOS TV App is among the top choices for TV and Movie Show fans. Additionally, it offers content across every genre, keeping your attention for many long hours. With more than 1000 live channels and sporting events like Football, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, and NBA, among others, the AOS TV app is an excellent alternative for all streamers. This guide should help you install AOS TV on your FireStick. AOS TV application on your FireStick. This guide can be used for any version of Amazon Fire devices, such as FireStick 1st Gen, 2nd Gen FireStick 4K, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and other Android devices.

    We appreciate you taking the time to read this post. If you have questions about this article, leave an answer in the comments here.

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