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how to erase on procreate

    The Tool for erasing in Procreate is similar to the eraser used on paper. Use your fingers or an Apple Pencil stylus to erase. Tap the “Erase” button to remove the background from your drawing. After you’ve completed this, you’re ready to begin creating your work. If you’re looking to make paintings, sketch a portrait, or draw an abstract design, there’s a tool that can help create it.

    A tool to erase is useful in Procreate. However, you need to be sure that you’re using it properly. The Tool can be highly complex, but it’s user-friendly. First, you’ll need to crop your photo, then pick what size you want to erase. You’ll then need to adjust the size of the canvas. You can alter the shape of the eraser by altering the height so that it is easier to use.

    Another essential tool included that Procreate has the erase Tool. If your drawing isn’t running correctly, the Tool can aid you in fixing this issue. For Procreate, the eraser tool can be found within the Tools panel. It can also be found in the Settings menu of the iPad. Similar to its desktop edition, this Tool comes with an identical icon. For a clearer view of your design, you must examine the settings for your hardware.

    What is the reason my eraser appears not white on my procreate?

    It’s more likely that it’s your Brush Opacity is the culprit. Tap your erase Tool to choose it. Then repeat the tap to access your Brushes menu.

    Using the Eraser Tool

    The eraser tool within Procreate is located on the left-hand part of the application. The Tool for erasing is the icon for an eraser between the size of the transparency tool and the layering tool.

    If you click on the eraser button, it’ll change to a blue hue, and you’ll know that the eraser function has now on. If it’s not blue and the function of the eraser isn’t yet activated. You can use your fingers or even an Ipad pencil to tap the eraser to activate it.

    Erase On Correct Layer

    If you are working on several layers, be aware that if you want to erase something in Procreate, you must be on the correct layer. The mistake I’ve made numerous times with Procreate. I’ll attempt to erase something but then discover it’s not working since I’m not on the correct layer in Procreate.

    Adjust the Erase Size and Opacity.

    One of the best advantages of Procreate is the ability to alter the size of the eraser and its opacity. The eraser can be made extremely large or make it tiny. You can also change the opacity if you don’t wish to see the background wholly erased.

    What is the best way to do the erase method in procreating?

    Procreate Tutorial Part 9 on Erase YouTubeYouTubeStart with a suggested end suggested clipErase tools. The eraser tool can be controlled precisely as the tools used to paint smudges. Tap the icon one time to access more erase. An eraser tool can be controlled as a tool for painting smudges. Tap the icon once or twice to select any brush in your library.

    Is there an eraser for procreating?

    Paint, Smudge, and Erase are the essential tools in Procreate. … Click the symbol of the instrument you wish to use: Brush for Painting or using the fingers for Smudge and the eraser to erase. You can begin working immediately or tap once more to access the Brush Library and choose a brush.

    How do you erase your Procreate drawing?

    If you only want to erase a portion from your sketch, just put yourself on the drawing layer you want to erase and choose the shape you want to use for urethane (third button to the left at the top of your display). You can also use an alternative: by pressing twice on your iPad stylus, you can change the shape of the urethane you have selected using a pencil.

    When the eraser tool is chosen, as with brush tools, it can select the kind of eraser you want to use from the eraser library, which is accessible by double-clicking the eraser.

    So, the user can create effects using the process of erasing. You can do this using a pencil or apply a textured effect. The one I believe is the closest to that eraser “in real life” is the “soft brush” in the “Airbrush” library.

    Once the eraser has been selected, as with the brush, you will be able to select its size and opacity using the gauges located on the left side of the screen (the top gauge regulates the size, and the lower one controls the transparency).

    Discover New Brushes You Can use using Procreate’s Eraser.

    Since Procreate’s eraser can be used in conjunction with the majority of Procreate brushes, it will provide you with more options to find Procreate brushes you think of using along with your eraser.

    We tend to consider Procreate brushes in their context as a brush tool. Naturally, it’s the Tool that lets brushes truly shine and play an essential part, but by limiting the concept of Procreate brushes only to the boundaries that the tool brushes, we’re missing out on numerous opportunities.

    Every Procreate brush is compatible with the eraser tool. Therefore, you should begin looking through ALL Procreate brushes by focusing on their ability to erase. However, Procreate brush bundles are specifically designed to work with the eraser!

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