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How To Factory Reset iPhone X

    The iPhone X (or iPhone 10, according to some) was among the most significant changes to the Apple phone lineup in the history of smartphones. The iPhone X had an edge-to-edge display and no home button; some customers enjoyed the new phone, while others stayed away from the device.

    Due to its release delay and expensive price, the iPhone X was a rare find. An iPhone X. We now know that it’s the standard for the most recent iPhone models. The iPhone X was an exceptional product, and thousands of users are using it today. If you bought one of the larger memory models, The iPhone X is still relevant.

    However, as with every device, you’ll eventually discover software issues and glitches that need you to take action. The reason could be the phones operating slowly or having to be reset to their factory settings.

    No matter what the cause Whatever the reason, we’ll go over how to factory reset the iPhone X and give you some helpful suggestions for making the process as simple as you can.

    What’s the difference between restart, hard reset, or the factory reset option on iPhone X?

    If you want to reset the settings on your iPhone X, there are three ways to assist in resolving the majority of difficulties you could be having.

    Restarting: Turning off the iPhone X and back on allows applications to shut down properly before reopening.

    A Hard Reset is recommended if your iPhone has stopped responding; it is best to reset the phone hard. This will turn it off and let the device return to normal.

    Factory Reset: It removes and installs the program for your iPhone.

    You may have observed that the information above has been sorted from the most in-depth to the least—for instance, a restart results in slight data loss. In contrast, an uninstall will erase your device.

    Restart your iPhone X.

    Rebooting an iPhone X is good to perform from time to time; however, if you notice that you’ve noticed that it’s running slow or is generally a bit sluggish, Restarting it is what you’ll need to perform.

    This is how to restart the iPhone X, which doesn’t have a Power button.

    • Hold and press the Side, Volume Up, or Volume Down buttons.
    • If your Power Off Screen slider appears, drag it to turn off your handset.
    • If you want to turn your phone back on, press and hold the side button until you see an Apple logo.
    • Soft reset on an iPhone X from the Settings

    If you cannot turn off your iPhone by following these steps, try it using the Settings application.

    • Within the Settings app, click General.
    • Scroll to the bottom, then press to shut Down.
    • Switch off power.
    • Press and hold your side button if your phone is shut off until you see the Apple logo displayed.

    Factory reset

    Use the factory reset whenever:

    • The iPhone X has significant software issues, like crashes, freezing, or not responding.
    • You’re offering or selling the iPhone X and want to delete all your stored personal data.
    • It is challenging to update your iPhone X to the latest version of iOS.
    • There is a problem with a particular iPhone X app or feature.

    Note: A factory reset erases everything stored on the iPhone X, including your pictures and videos, music applications, contacts, and more. It is essential to back up the data before doing the factory reset.

    For a factory reset on your iPhone X:

    • Click Settings under General, then Reset.
    • Tap Erase All Content and Setup.

    If asked, enter the passcode you used to sign in and hit Erase iPhone to verify.

    Restore using iTunes

    It is possible to apply Restore Using iTunes in the below scenarios:

    • Suppose you’re experiencing difficulties restoring your iPhone via iCloud. It could be that you’re experiencing an error, or the process of converting needs to be shorter.
    • Suppose you’d like; you can restore the iPhone to a backup. It could be if you back up your iPhone before installing an updated version of iOS and are having issues with the latest version.
    • Suppose you’d like to recover your iPhone to an earlier backup saved on your PC. This is, for instance, if you’ve created a backup for your iPhone using iTunes and Finder.
    • Suppose you’re planning to sell or give away the iPhone. Restoring your iPhone to default settings will delete all your personal information and settings.

    It is also possible to reset factory settings on your iPhone X using iTunes. For this, follow these steps:

    • Make sure you connect to connect your iPhone X to your computer via a USB cable.
    • Start iTunes and then select the iPhone X from the list of available devices.
    • Go to the Summary tab.
    • Click Restore to restore your iPhone.
    • Click Restore once more to confirm.

    Which one should you choose to use?

    If you need help with the best reset, begin with the soft reset. If it doesn’t resolve your issue, consider the hard reset. If you’re having problems or planning to prepare the phone to sell, it may be time to reset your phone factory.

    Tips to be aware of

    Make backups of your data before making any reset. It will guarantee that you won’t be able to recover any crucial details.

    If you’re performing the factory reset, be sure the iPhone X is charged. The reset process could take a while, so you do not want the phone to fail.

    If you’re using iTunes to reset the factory settings of the settings on your iPhone X, make sure you’ve got the most recent version of iTunes installed.

    If you’re iPhone X is stuck on the dead black screen

     The situation gets dire if the iPhone X won’t turn on and is stuck on a non-responsive black screen. This is likely due to the release of an iOS software update or a kind of physical injury. It’s not that you cannot repair the death-like black screen. However, it is among the most feared iPhone troubles. It’s because you need help fixing it. There are a few things you could try:

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