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How To Fix FaceTime Join Button Glitch

    The green button on iMessage is designed to allow you to join the FaceTime call. Sometimes, however, it comes in the event of no contact. It can get difficult to understand. To help you understand the problem, We have provided this helpful guide to show you how to resolve this issue. FaceTime Join button glitch with straightforward troubleshooting tips. Check these out!

    What Does the Green Join Button Mean for iPhone Users?

    The switch indicates that a group FaceTime chat was initiated within the iMessage discussion before the button was displayed, which serves as a way to get into the conversation.

    I love the FaceTime Join button since it offers the possibility to join a FaceTime call even though you were not present when the call was made.

    It means you can attend meaningful discussions in which the group chat has engaged, even though you’re just a little (or entirely) late.

    Why FaceTime Might Not Be Working

    There are many causes for why FaceTime could not be effective for you.

    • FaceTime has been disabled
    • The caller isn’t on FaceTime
    • Then, you must add an email or phone address
    • Network connection issues
    • Your carrier does not support FaceTime.

    Make sure the device you are using is in good order. If not, go to the next step.

    How do we fix the join on Facetime in messages error?

    As mentioned in the previous section, FaceTime in the Messages section may be due to a software issue. You can check these steps to eliminate the problem.

    Restart the FaceTime and Messages apps.

    First, you need to close FaceTime and Messages apps. This will refresh the apps and eliminate minor technical issues related to the applications. Next, try opening the applications again to see if your problem is resolved.

    Turn off Wi-Fi/Cellular Data.

    If you’re having problems, try turning off Wi-Fi or cellular data, whatever you use. This can break the connection between the FaceTime and Messages apps with their servers. Because of the relationship breakdown, they won’t be able to invite you to join FaceTime within Messages.

    So, turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data with the instructions below.

    Scroll down from the top of the screen or swipe up from the bottom to access the Control Center panel.

    Click the Wi-Fi/Cellular Data button to turn off Wi-Fi/Cellular Data.

    Then, rest for a few minutes before turning off Wi-Fi or cellular data. Confirm that the issue is resolved.

    Troubleshooting FaceTime issues involving Android users

    Android users can join FaceTime calls through a link created by an Apple user. The FaceTime app will launch on the Chrome browser. Check out these options if you need help using Facetime for your Android.

    Restart your Android. Restarting will fix the problem temporarily.

    Update Android. You may need an update on your software.

    Allow Chrome to access your camera and microphone. Make sure you check your Android application permissions to make sure Chrome can access your camera and microphone.

    Stop all Android applications. A different app is interfering with Chrome.

    Make sure you are connected to your network. It must be connected to a Wi-Fi network or your cell phone. Make sure your device is not stuck in aeroplane mode.

    Check if FaceTime is available in your country.

    If you’ve just travelled overseas, you may need help accessing FaceTime, depending on the country that you’ve been to. Although FaceTime is widely available in many regions of the globe, it is not for the following Middle Eastern countries:

    • Egypt
    • Jordan
    • Qatar
    • Saudi Arabia

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    Also, you’ve bought an iOS device in one of the above countries. In that case, you might be unable to access FaceTime when you visit the US or any other country where FaceTime is accessible.

    Naturally, these limitations could be altered over time, and it is advisable to keep track of the latest software and rules, which could lift restrictions for certain features.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: What do I do when I click”Join” on iMessage “Join” button on iMessage?

    Answer: If you wish to participate in the ongoing FaceTime conference, click the “Join” button. If not, ignore it; it’ll disappear once the FaceTime conference ends.

    Q 2: Does clicking”Join” or the “Join” button affect the confidentiality of my emails?

    The answer is no. The “Join” button only appears in chat rooms where people are already aware of the current FaceTime chat. The feature does not alter your privacy when you send messages.

    Q3: Can I fix my “Join” button issue myself? Do I require assistance with technical issues?

    Answer A: The “Join” button is not an issue; it’s just the indicator for an ongoing FaceTime call. If it’s not working, simple troubleshooting techniques could aid, such as restarting iMessage or the device you’re using. If the issue persists, contacting Apple Support can be helpful.


    The iMessage’s “Join” button is a beneficial feature that makes initiating FaceTime calls through group conversations easy. Though it is sometimes difficult to understand, knowing its purpose helps us communicate better. The innovative tools for communication Apple provides, such as FaceTime and iMessage, have revolutionized how people communicate. Although there are occasionally issues, being up-to-date and attempting quick fixes are great ways to tackle these issues.

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