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How To fix Funimation Not Loading

    Funimation specializes in producing foreign anime and other entertainment programming across North America. The company was established in 1994 in Flower Mound, Texas. Its huge collection knows it of anime and movies, which they license from Japanese studios as well as other creators of content.

    Apart from the anime distribution on Funimation’s streaming platform, Funimation collaborates with other streaming service providers and cable channels to deliver its content to a greater population. Apart from the distribution of anime, Funimation is also a producer and dubs animation into English to appeal to North American audiences.

    Funimation has many options for those who love anime and other international entertainment content. One of its primary features is streaming animation on the platform it owns, which can be accessed on various gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, televisions, etc.

    It offers a wide collection of anime shows and films, with Dubbed and subtitled versions. Funimation also partners with other streaming service providers, like Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, to provide its content to a larger audience.

    Apart from streaming services, Funimation also offers home releases of video anime available on Blu-ray or DVD and products like t-shirts, figurines, and collectables. Funimation also organizes events and conventions like the annual Funimation Con, which brings anime fans and other pop culture forms.

    What do I need to do? Funimation to work on Chrome?

    Remove the Chrome extensions.

    • Click on Customize and then control the Google Chrome button.
    • Choose More Tools from the menu which opens.
    • Select Extensions to open the tab shown in the image just below.
    • Select all extension’s blue toggle switches to switch them off.

    Clear Chrome’s browser data

    • Use Google’s Ctrl + Del + Shift keyboard hotkey to display the choices shown in the following screenshots.
    • Funimation of Clear Browsing Data Options does not work on Chrome
    • Choose the checkboxes to enable cookies or cached images. You can also check the history of your browser.
    • Choose the Clear Data option.

    Update the Widevine Content Decryption Module

    • Enter this URL in the Chrome URL bar.
    • Hit the Enter button to open the tab immediately below.

    • Select the Check for Updates button to activate the Widevine Content Decryption Module.
    • Make sure to restart the browser following updating this module.

    Reinstall Google Chrome

    • Click the Windows as well as the R keys simultaneously at the same at the same time to launch Run.
    • To open the Programs and Features, type appwiz.cpl into the box that says Open and then click OK.
    • Click Google Chrome from the menu of applications.
    • Select to open the Uninstall option.
    • Choose Yes when you are asked to confirm.
    • Start your laptop or desktop before reinstalling your browser.
    • Visit Download Chrome on that page to download the installation for it.
    • Go to Google Chrome’s set-up wizard and follow the installation instructions.

    Create a new Google profile.

    • Select the icon for user profiles on the right-hand side of the URL toolbar in Chrome.
    • Click the + Add button to open the window within the image immediately below.
    • Enter the name of a user account in the box with the user’s name, then click Add.
    • You can play a Funimation video from your newly created Chrome profile.
    • These resolutions can fix several Funimation playback and login issues in Google Chrome.


    Finding issues experiencing the Funimation application is difficult, particularly when you’re anticipating watching the most popular anime series.

    But, by following the guidelines and steps outlined in this post, it is possible to identify and resolve common problems that can cause problems and ensure a seamless streaming experience.

    Make sure you have a reliable internet connection that keeps the application up-to-date, and clearing the cache of apps can solve many difficulties.

    If you need help solving the problem, contact the Funimation support staff.

    This guide should have helped solve the Funimation application’s problem of not working.


    Why Is Funimation Not Loading Properly?

    The issue may be with the internet and unrelated to the application or browser. Check another WiFi or hotspot network if your mobile’s data connection is stable.

    What Is Funimation App?

    Watch the largest variety of anime using English dubs and a plethora of Japanese shows with subtitles on Android and various platforms using Funimation. Funimation App. You can stream whenever and wherever you’d like.

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