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How To Fix iCloud Private Relay Not Working

    The Private Relay feature in iCloud on your iPhone is an excellent option that safeguards your privacy online by concealing your IP address, as well as the activities you are doing online. This ensures that no one can observe your online activities. But if it’s not operating correctly, it could be worrying. The good news is that this article will provide you with the steps to solve the problem of iCloud Private Relay being inoperative and making it functional again.

    If a website isn’t working using Private Relay

    Websites that are dependent on IP filtering, monitoring or rate-limiting may be trying to stop visitors from visiting their sites when making use of private Relay.

    If you want to continue using the website, you may temporarily permit it to view your IP address

    iPhone or iPad iPhone or iPad: Click the Page Settings icon, there is no alternative used for Image Then tap the Show IP Address button.

    Mac Mac: Within Safari Choose View > Reload. Then, show the IP Address.

    If you switch off Private Relay for a specific site, your provider will be aware of which web page you’re visiting.

    Do All Websites Work With iCloud Private Relay?

    A lot of websites utilize your IP address to gather details regarding you, like your address. Because iCloud Private Relay changes your IP address, however, not all websites are suitable for it. Every website that monitors your IP address may stop IP addresses created by the iCloud Private Relay.

    Apple provides you with the capability to disable iCloud Private Relay only for certain Wi-Fi networks. For a list of networks that you would like iCloud Private Relay to block go to Settings, then tap Wi-Fi.

    After you’ve selected the network that you’d like to make use of with no Private Relay then tap the info button (it appears like a blue “i” in a circle) just to the right of the network. Then, press the switch beside Private Relay to turn it off.

    Has Your Carrier Disabled iCloud Private Relay?

    Some wireless companies like T-Mobile might block the use of iCloud Private Relay if it is incompatible with other features of your phone plan. If you’re not granted the option of turning iCloud Private Relay off or on contact the customer support department of your carrier to determine if they’ve blocked the feature.

    Turn iCloud Private Relay Off & Back On

    Sometimes, features such as iCloud Private Relay stop working due to minor software issues. The process of turning iCloud Private Relay off and back on will fix minor problems and allow the iPhone new life.

    Start Settings, then click on your name in the upper right of the page. Then, tap iCloud -> Private Relay. Then, turn off the switch that is next to Private Relay. For a couple of seconds and then press the switch to switch iCloud Private Relay on again.

    You can turn on Icloud’s private relay within the settings

    Most of the time, iCloud Private Relay stops operating if the iPhone is disconnected from Wi-Fi. If this occurs the iPhone will send a message informing the user to know that iCloud Private Relay is going to turn to normal when you connect to Wi-Fi.

    Switching off Wi-Fi and turning it back on is often a solution to smaller problems with connectivity. To accomplish this, simply open Settings > Wi-Fi. After that, press the Wi-Fi button to shut off the Wi-Fi. Take a moment before tapping it to turn the WiFi on. Read our post if your iPhone cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

    Restart Your iPhone

    Rebooting your iPhone could fix a range of minor software issues that could interfere with private Relay. If your iPhone is equipped with Face ID, press and hold the side button as well as or volume buttons simultaneously to shut it off.

    Continue to hold both buttons until the option to turn off the power is displayed on the screen. After that tap the power icon from left to right to switch off the power on your iPhone.

    If you’re iPhone isn’t equipped with Face ID, press and hold the power button until the slide that turns off your iPhone appears across the display. Next, you can slide the power icon left to right to switch off the power on your iPhone.

    Give yourself a few minutes for your iPhone to fully close down. Press and hold the button on your left (iPhones that have Face ID) or press the power button (iPhones that do not have Face ID) to turn your iPhone back on.

    Update Your iPhone

    iOS update brings new features, as well as fixes for known problems. In iOS 15.2, iCloud Private Relay remains being tested, meaning Apple hasn’t yet worked out all of the issues. When Apple has completed the work and figured out the complete version, iCloud Private Relay will likely become available at the time of an iOS upgrade.

    For a quick check of the availability of an iOS update, log into Settings and select General > Software Update. Next, click Download & Install now to see if there is an update available.

    Reset Network Settings

    Resetting your network settings on your iPhone erases all Wi-Fi Cellular, VPN, and APN settings to initial settings. If you are experiencing issues regarding your iPhone’s WiFi or Cellular data hindering iCloud Private Relay from working, Reset Network Settings may solve the issue.

    More serious software problems can be challenging to find. Instead of trying to fix the other options, we’ll erase the network’s settings, and then give the network a new start.

    Be aware that you’ll need to enter your Wi-Fi passwords, and then connect to your Bluetooth devices following this procedure!

    Open Settings and tap General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. If you are asked for your passcode, enter it and then click Reset Network Settings to confirm your choice.

    Contact Apple Support

    If iCloud Private Relay still isn’t functioning properly for you on your iPhone is the ideal time to contact Apple Support for help. Apple supports customers via phone, online, in the mail, and in in-person. We highly recommend making a Genius Bar appointment first if you’re planning on visiting the local Apple Store. If you do not, you will be spending many hours waiting to get help!

    How Do I Know If My Private Relay Is Working?

    Do you have any doubts about what to do to determine whether your Private Relay is working? Let’s look at the signs to check for:

    • If the Private Relay feature stops working on the iPhone and the iPhone stops working, then the device will notify you regarding this.
    • There are websites such as WhatIsMyIp for checking whether there have been any changes in your IP address following you turn off or activate the private Relay feature of your device.
    • This concludes our post on the best way to resolve the iCloud Private Relay that isn’t functioning problem. Please let us know what method was successful in solving the issue.

    The final wordings

    I’m sure you’ve understood the content of this article: How to fix the ‘Apple Private Relay not working issue on iPhone. If the answer is not yes You can contact us in the forum contact section that pertains to this article. If your response is yes forward this post to your family and friends for us to thank you.

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