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how to flip an image in google docs

    Google Docs is an immensely-popular cloud-based word processing software to create and edit collaborative documents. It provides a wide range of options, is user-friendly and straightforward to use, and is free.

    Many people who use Google Docs would have at the very least created documents that include images. Additionally, including appearances in your paper could effectively display important information or data or even add visual elements to your text.

    Furthermore, the brain processes images faster than text. Hence, images can communicate an idea or concept nearly instantaneously. Images can also make documents more interesting to read and provide more context and depth to a text. When editing, you may be wondering how to flip an image within Google Docs. But, the image editing and manipulation features within Google Docs aren’t as powerful. In this article, we will show you how to flip images within Google Docs.

    Can you Mirror an Image on Google Docs?

    Yes, it is possible to mirror pictures with no other software or software not available using Google Docs. Reflecting images on Google Docs is possible horizontally and vertically on Google Docs. It allows you to alter the way pictures are presented within the document you’re working on in Google Docs.

    These are steps you need to follow to flip images using Google Docs:

    • Start your Google Docs document containing the image you want to flip.
    • How to Flip an Image in Google Docs
    • Could you select the image by clicking on it?
    • If you click the image, it will appear with an edge around it.
    • How to Flip an Image in Google Docs
    • When the image has been chosen, and you are happy with it, click it right-click. Then select Copy.
    • You can duplicate the picture by using Ctrl + C.
    • Put your cursor on the bottom of the image. Press enter until you are on the next blank page.
    • After copying the image to your clipboard, insert your cursor on that new area. After that, click Insert, click Drawing, and choose New.
    • Google Docs Drawing tool will be available.
    • Right-click on the blank space in the Drawing tool. Then select Paste.
    • This image is copied into the drawing tool, which will automatically highlight.
    • You can also copy by pressing Ctrl +P on your keyboard.
      To flip this image in Google Docs, click the Actions drop-down, then point to Rotate. Select Flip horizontally.
      When you click to flip horizontally, the right part of your image will change to its left side, and vice the reverse. Check out the second image below.
    • Then, save and close.

    You can flip the image horizontally by clicking on Actions > Rotate Flip Vertically.

    It’s straightforward to flip an image within Google Docs! I hope that you find this Itechguide useful?

    Here are the steps on how to flip images in Docs:

    • To copy an idea, you must do so by pressing it, then pressing Ctrl +.
    • Now go to Insert > Drawing > New.
    • Your cursor should be in the drawing panel, and then press Ctrl + V for the Paste of the image.
    • Once you’ve found it, you can click it to choose it.
    • Click on Actions > Rotate, and then select the option to flip vertically (or horizontally).
    • Use the Save and Close button to save the image into your document.
    • Does that solve the issue for you?

    Do you know anyone who could send the file to share an image?

    Yes, but it’s contingent on the extent to which you’ve granted the users ‘Editor’ access. This is because only the users who have access to edit the shared file can change the image’s orientation or perform different edits to your document via Google Docs.

    There’s no specific method to permit anyone else to edit your images; you can designate someone who you trust as the Editor of the shared document, and they’ll have access to flipping the idea or to make any other modifications to the chosen paper in Google Docs.

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