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How To Freeze Corn On The Cob

    Corn on the cob is considered one of summertime’s greatest treasures: It’s sweet, juicy, and so mild that you can (technically!) devour it uncooked. Meanwhile, out-of-season corn at the cob isn’t equal—additionally, it is dried out and not almost as candy.

    But it appears you could hold onto the summer season a bit longer—you honestly want to apprehend a way to freeze corn on the cob! It turns out it is fantastic and easy, and you may stash the corn in the freezer for those days while you’re dreaming of sunny days.

    The excellent element about freezing corn on the cob is that it will last approximately six to nine months in the freezer, so you might not want to be without easy corn for prolonged use. When you’re organized to use it, pull the corn out of the freezer, provide it with a brief boil to warm it up, and then try several of our favourite corn recipes.


    When learning to freeze easy corn at the cob, avoid the grocery store, flip to a farmer’s marketplace, or stand as an alternative. There are some matters to look out for:

    An extraordinary green husk tightly wrapped throughout the cob.

    The silk tassels (the fluffy fibres protruding the pinnacle) must be golden and sticky. If they’re blackened or dry, the corn is antique.

    The cob needs to experience business enterprise and heavy or its period.

    Feel the kernels thru the husk for empty patches and ensure they’re plump.

    Look out for wormholes and one-of-a-kind symptoms of pc virus infestation.

    Why You Should Freeze Corn

    Love sweet, smooth, summer season corn, and need you can have it inside the useless of wintry weather? You can! By freezing smooth corn in the summer, you could experience it nicely into the low season months. Fresh corn can live frozen as loads as twelve months, as long as you’re no longer getting any freezer burn.

    Each other way to freeze corn” strategy is super easy. In no time in any respect, you may have a high-quality stockpile of clean corn remaining you some time.

    You can freeze the corn cooked or uncooked. Blanching the corn first does help to maintain a number of the taste and texture of smooth corn. It’s a hint more worried than, without a doubt cutting the corn off the cob and setting it into luggage. It’s nicely clearly worth it, even though!

    How to Freeze Corn at the Cob

    Shuck the corn.

    Remove the husk and silk. If wanted, use a soft vegetable brush to eliminate any ultimate silk.

    Blanch the corn.

    Fill a massive pot with water and convey it to a roaring boil. Using a couple of tongs, upload the corn cobs to the pot and boil for four mins. The blanching method allows for maintaining the texture and wonder of the corn via breaking down the corn with time.

    Shock the corn.

    To save you from overcooking, quickly plunge the corn into a bowl of ice water to wonder them. Then, lay the corn on a baking tray and switch it to the fridge to chill.

    Bag the corn.

    Place the cooled corn in an incredible zip-top bag. If you select out, they may be wrapped in plastic wrap first. However, it isn’t required. Use a marker to label each bag with the set date and shop it inside the freezer for as masses as 365 days.


    So, how long does frozen corn remain as soon as all the above is carried out?

    Blanched corn: You can save frozen corn at the cob (optionally for my part, wrapped in plastic wrap first) or free kernels in Ziplock baggage with the more excellent air eliminated earlier than sealing or a vacuum-sealed bag. Freeze the corn for up to 6 months.

    Unblanched corn: Follow the identical approach to store the unblanched corn and preserve it for 8-10 months. That’s a unique, splendid approach to maintaining corn on the cob.

    Slice the Kernels from the Cob (or Don’t)

    Once the corn had cooled, I located the ears on the tray. Using a pointy knife, I properly reduce the kernels from the cobs into a bowl, simply strolling the knife down the rims. It’s messy! Try to get as most of the kernels off as you can. If you could make this approach outdoors, it would be even better for easy-up!

    How to use and cook frozen corn on the cob

    You can prepare dinner with frozen corn on the cob from frozen with the aid of boiling it for only a few minutes (2-3). Of route, it obtained is as crisp. However, it’s near enough. Additionally, frozen corn kernels may be delivered properly into your skillet/dish to a warm temperature within 2-3 mins before serving. Alternatively, depart the corn to defrost within the refrigerator overnight and then prepare dinner dinner dinner and use it as wanted.


    Upon thawing, the corn’s texture is similar to easy, so I especially like to apply frozen corn in recipes that will probably be re-cooked inside dishes. I.E., creamed corn, corn dip, in corn chowder, brought to cornbread and exclusive baked gadgets, soups and stews, and so forth., in the region of salads and salsa – however, it’s as a lot as you!

    Chef’s Tips

    • Don’t add salt to the boiling water. Salt could make the corn tough, which you don’t need. Just boil the corn in undeniable water!
    • If you’re going to freeze corn at the cob, reduce them into smaller cobs first. Totally up to you! Nothing approximately the prepare supper time or manner would possibly exchange with the corn cobs lessen in half.
    • If you want to pre-detail your frozen corn, you clearly can! Just factor your selected quantities into smaller sealable luggage, like a sandwich or quart-sized baggage. You can store the individual quantities collectively in a gallon-sized bag and take out precisely what you want at the same time as you want it!

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