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How to Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp

    Many people don’t know there is a feature called “WhatsApp Last Seen.” It’s a function available on WhatsApp that lets users check the date and time they last saw their contacts. Day their contacts became online.

    You may have sent someone a message via WhatsApp that was delivered but never read. The Last Seen feature could be useful in determining when they’ve been online and decided to ignore the message or didn’t check WhatsApp in any way.

    In some cases, WhatsApp Last Seen doesn’t update promptly and stops users from seeing their contact’s status. But if you’re facing the same position right now, don’t worry. The guide below will cover everything information you’ll need concerning Last Seen not showing in WhatsApp. Keep going to read more.

    What exactly is “Freeze last seen” on WhatsApp?

    Before we begin, we should look at the definition of last seen”.

    Folding the last time a user was seen involves covering the date and time that display an individual’s latest online activities.

    This feature, accessible in WhatsApp’s privacy settings, allows userso to control the privacy of their online web presence by deciding who cancacann see this data.

    How to Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp for One Person

    There’s no method to freeze the last time you saw one particular individual. You can, however hide your last sighting from an individual by following the steps described in the following paragraph:

    1. Click on the triangle with three dots.

    2. Go to Settings.

    3. Tap on Privacy.

    4. Select Last seen, then go live online.

    5. Click on My Contacts, but not.

    6. Pick the contacts, then click on the tick at the corner of the right bottom.

    Use WhatsApp in Offline Mode

    You can change your phone’s airplane mode or deactivate the Wi-Fi feature and mobile data while together on WhatsApp.

    This stops WhatsApp from updating the previously checked status.

    This method can hinder users from receiving or sending messages until you switch off the internet.

    StopStop using WhatsApp, the app that was last used.

    Some apps from third parties or modified versions of WhatsApp advertising deliver extra security options, including freezing the last checked status.

    However, they can be dangerous and violate WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, which could block the account or even compromise.

    We’ve learned that blocking your last sightings from your contacts or for everyone is possible. However, can you keep your previous sightings for a particular individual through WhatsApp?

    Freeze WhatsApp Last Seen On an Android Device

    To block the status Last Seen on WhatsApp together on an Android device, take these steps:

    The first step is 1. Open WhatsApp: Launch the WhatsApp application on your Android smartphone.

    2. Access Settings 2.Access Settings: Press the three vertically placed dots at the top right corner of your screen to access the menu. In the menu, choose “Settings.”

    2. Step 3. Navigate the Privacy tab: Search for and tap” Account ” in the Settings menu. “Account” feature. Then, choose “Privacy.”

    Step 4. Modify Modify Last Seen in the Privacy settings; you’ll find”Last Seen” under the “Last Seen” feature. Click it, and then select “Nobody” to freeze your status as Last Seen.

    Step 5. Confirm the changes. When you select “Nobody,” your Last Seen status will disappear from the rest of WhatsApp. Make sure to confirm the changes, and then you’ve successfully stopped Last Seen from being visible Status on WhatsApp on your Android device.

    Can you freeze the time stamps via WhatsApp?

    Yes, you can block your time stamps via WhatsApp.

    You can block your timezone by opening WhatsApp and then going through Settings > > Privacy> Last Seen Everyone.

    Once you’ve set the last time you’ve known for the day to “Nobody,” your timestamp will be affixed to other people.

    Alternatively, you can make your last visit date time to “My Contacts,” which only permits contacts to see the time of your last seen.


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