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How To Freeze Location On Find My iPhone

    There is no doubt that the iPhone offers a variety of attractive applications and features that make it of a kind. One of the most popular apps available for iPhone can be found in Find My (formerly known as Find My iPhone and Find My Friends), specifically designed to monitor the exact Location on Apple devices.

    Sometime, you require total Privacy and wish to keep your Location private. So, if you decide to stop disclosing your Location to someone, the person is immediately notified.

    Why Freeze an iPhone Location?

    Many people are concerned about Privacy concerning any application or device that tracks them. The reason is that many applications keep track of you even without knowing about it. Some apps may track your Location even if you do not consent to them doing this.

    There are also additional reasons to make this change. You should save a specific place within Find Me so someone knows your home’s Location, even if you relocate. It helps track your child’s movements without needing to phone the number to receive real-time updates.

    Recognizing what your child might be hiding from your attention is also helpful. Maybe they’re trying to get off with their friends, and they employ these strategies to disguise their actual place of residence. Being aware of this is the case when you glance at their smartphone; it will reveal whether they’ve hidden something from you. Then, you’ll be able to return to where they left off.

    Different Ways to Freeze Location on Find My iPhone

    There isn’t a native iOS application that is made to stop the iPhone from sharing its place of origin; there are pertinent settings you can modify to stop data sharing for your phone’s Location.

    Follow these steps when you’re ready to set up the settings for Location on your iPhone:

    Step 1: Look for the Gear/Settings icon on the homepage or the app library. Tap it to launch the application. 

    Step 2: Under the Settings menu, go to the bottom of the menu. Until you come to Privacy, choose Privacy. The new screen appears that includes related choices and features. 

    Step 3. If you wish to continue, click Location Services, then toggle Location Services to toggle off. 

    Step 4. Check the notification and tap the button to turn it off. 

    Some features may need to be revised according to the plan to access your Location. 

    How To Stop Sharing Location On iMessage

    If you are sharing your Location using iMessage and want to block it, you can do it with only a few clicks. 

    • Go to the Messages App.
    • Choose the conversation for whom you wish to conceal your Location.
    • Select the information icon on the right of the name of your contact.
    • Click “Stop sharing my location,” And you’re finished.

    How do I Freeze Find My iPhone using Airplane Mode?

    Airplane mode can be found accessible on the vast majority of smartphones, which

    It blocks Wi-Fi and data connections to Wi-Fi and data. The app is designed to work by planes so that the device won’t disrupt aircraft’s instruments. However, you may use it to turn off Find My iPhone temporarily.

    Navigate to the Settings on your iPhone, switch your iPhone’s Settings, and toggle the Airplane Mode to on.

    OR Or, go to the Control Center using the swipe down from above your screen (on iPhone X and later devices) or by swiping up from the lower part of the screen (on iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and older devices) and tapping to activate the Airplane Mode button, which appears to be an airplane.

    How to Pause Location Tracking on iPhone by Turning the Phone Off

    A second and easy way to end Find My iPhone is by switching off your iPhone.

    Hold and press the power button located on the back of your smartphone.

    Slide the “Power Off” slider to the right side to shut it off. So long as your iPhone is turned off and off, it will also be turned off. Find My iPhone app will also be disabled.

    How can you block a location on Find My iPhone without them knowing?

    Sometimes, you’d rather keep your Location private and temporarily block your iPhone’s Location in Find Me without them knowing.

    If so, using the Secure Location Changer tool by AppGeeker is a viable solution. The iOS location spoofing program allows users to change quickly and fake locations on Find My iPhone/iPad and other apps that use GPS and social media. You can block iPhone residences or stay in one place in Find Me without anyone knowing. Additionally, it allows you to control the location tracker on Find My iPhone and simulate fake GPS movements without notifications.

    Install iOS Location Changer on Mac or PC. You can also discover how to block your current Location using Find My iPhone without them knowing. The latest iPhone 15 and iOS 16/17 versions can be used with all.

    Step 1: Launch Location Changer on your PC and connect it to your iPhone. To block your Location, install the program, open it, and connect it to your iPhone via a USB cable.

    Step 2: Select Edit Location. This allows you to change the currently used Location to a specific location.

    Step 3: Type an address inside the search bar to which you want to teleport. Please enter a new address or tap on the map to select the location where you want to suspend Find My iPhone temporarily.

    Step 4: Click on Confirm Modification. The iPhone will be teleported to your desired Location and then frozen there.

    In addition to sharing fake locations with Your Find My friends and family members, it’s also capable of simulating the iPhone’s movement between two or more locations at a speed you choose:

    • Return to the location changer menu.
    • Choose the multi-stop/one-stop option based on your needs.
    • Choose a place to start and other places you want to include.
    • You can adjust the speed by moving the slider inside the sub-window.
    • The virtual location moves will start after you press the “Start” move.

    How To Freeze Location On Find My Friends

    Discover My Friends is an efficient program that can be used to track your acquaintances. But there will be occasions when you need to get away from everything. In those instances, if you’re thinking of a way to stop at a where you can find colleagues, here’s how to accomplish it.

    • Click the Settings tab on your smartphone.
    • Click “Find my friends.”
    • Turn off Share My Location.


    Below are three queries concerning freezing and pausing your current Location in Find My. Find My app.

    How to Delete iPhone Location History?

    Open Settings, go to Privacy & Security, Location Services, and System Services. You can tap on the Important Locations tab from this screen and then clear History. Learn the more details on Location Services.

    Will Uninstalling Find My App Stop Location Sharing?

    No. Your Location will still be shared even if you deinstall Find My. Find My app. Instead, go to Settings, tap your account name in the Find My app, and then turn off Sharing My Location.

    How do you stop sharing other data with your contacts?

    Open Settings, go to Privacy & Security and tap Safety Check. You can look over the individuals and the apps you share data with on this page. This includes your address and other information like shared calendars,tes, images, e, etc.


    If you wish to block sharing of your Location within Find My, there are three options: Find My app, there are three options: deactivate “Share My Location,’ change the device you share with, and switch off Airplane mode. Limiting the app’s access can prevent sharing your Location via apps with third parties.

    You may even freeze your Location using Find My. Find my app for many reasons, such as saving battery, avoiding ads that target you, or answering privacy questions. These methods can be effective in this regard.

    Do you have any questions about freezing or stopping your current Location in Find My? Find My app? Please let me know by leaving a comment!

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