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How To Get A Transparent Profile Picture On Tiktok

    Get noticed. Use this simple online content creator tool to create a clear TikTok profile image.

    Presently, TikTok has over 130 million active users. It can be challenging to make yourself stand out among the rest of the users, as tagging new trends or employing the latest sounds on TikTok can be difficult. To make your profile stand out, you should get your photo transparent on TikTok.

    TikTok allows transparent photos. This means that you can create a fine profile photo. The good news is that making your custom TikTok PFP fine is simple and can be done in just a few minutes online for free.

    What exactly is a transparent TikTok Profile Image?

    The transparent photo does not have a Background. If, for example, your image is taken inside an automobile, you can eliminate the Background and show your face.

    On TikTok, in contrast to the typical profile images that feature a circle surrounding the image, a clear TikTok image appears in the middle of a black screen.

    How can I make a transparent profile photo via TikTok for iPhone?

    This is an area where things can get fascinating. It’s known that iPhones and iPads do not allow transparent PNG profiles. However, there’s an approach to creating a transparent image for the TikTok iPhone. We’ll employ Wondershare UniConverter to remove a photo background before exporting it to iOS. It’s a basic desktop application that uses AI to let you remove background images without touching your finger. Apart from erasing image backgrounds, you can change your photos to iPhone-friendly JPG, JPEG, and PNG. Additionally, you can reduce, crop and apply effects to photos.

    Therefore, before you dally around any further, here’s the method to turn your TikTok profile image transparent for iPhone using Wondershare UniConverter:

    Start the background removal tool.

    Install and launch Wondershare UniConverter 13 on your computer, then click to open the Toolbox tab. You’ll be able to see various tools, and you can choose Background Removal.

    Upload your image (s).

    Find your photo files, then drag them onto the background remover’s interface. Alternatively, click Add Files to open your folders, then upload your pictures. UniConverter is compatible with JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF.

    Get rid of the Background.

    After successfully uploading your pictures, Select them and press the Start button. The AI-powered Background Remover in UniConverter removes the Background on its own. Locate the image, export it, and move it onto your iPhone or iPad. This is how you can make your TikTok profile visible quickly and simply.

    How do you create your TikTok profile image transparently when using Android?

    Android is undoubtedly the most used operating system for smartphones today. This is because smartphones have transformed into compelling devices that compete with PCs on many levels. For example, you could use your Android phone to alter background photos using the Ultimate Background Eraser. This app is free; there is no need for specialized expertise to change your pictures. The user interface is easy to understand. Touching the image to erase the automatic eraser will take care of the work. As you would expect, you can erase the backgrounds of images manually by using the lasso device or by finger-touching. The best part is that you can redo or undo for precise results. Take these instructions:

    • Visit the Google Play Store and search for the ultimate background eraser. When you’ve found the app, launch it from your mobile.
    • Two devices. After that, you can click on the Picture icon at the bottom of the screen to upload your photos. Tap the camera icon to upload videos. To help with this post, I’ve chosen the button Photos.
    • Click the Auto button, apply your fingers to make a smear, and pick the regions you want to remove. It is also possible to choose Manual to choose the image area of the Background to remove. Whatever the reason you choose, the selected location will change to green.
    • Save your photo in JPG or PNG format after clicking OK. Select Add Background and choose an alternative background image for your photo. Be aware that you can customize the image by adding stickers, text drawings and more. Then, you can wrap it with a Save button.


    • It can support JPG as well as PNG files.
    • User interface that is simple to comprehend.
    • Auto-erase image backgrounds.
    • Undo and redo actions.


    • Auto-erase feature that is clumsy.
    • Repetitive advertisements.

    How do I get a Transparent Profile Image on TikTok?

    To have a TikTok profile photo with a transparent background, you must upload an image in PNG format with a transparent background. It must be a size that must be at least 20x 20 pixels.

    TikTok profiles are shown in a size of 100×100 pixels. You should consider scaling the images appropriately to minimize the quality loss.

    Make Changes to your TikTok Profile Picture to Mobile

    To change your TikTok profile picture on a mobile device:

    • Press the Profile button on the upper right.
    • Click Edit Profile to edit your profile.
    • Tap Change Photo or Change Video.
    • Choose Upload picture and select the transparent profile photo.

    If you use use photo editing software on your PC to create a profile photo with a transparent background, ensure that you send the image to your smartphone to transfer it there.


    An unobtrusive TikTok profile will appeal to people you want to reach, and your profile image will not obscure the visibility of the content you post.

    The transparent TikTok profile image looks like what it is. How can you make one and configure your TikTok profile to utilize the transparent image you created? The trick is using the Android device to create a transparent profile image.


    Q: Why is it crucial to have a clear photo of yourself on TikTok?

    A translucent profile image can help create a more attractive profile. TikTok profile be noticed and more visually appealing.

    Q: How can I make a transparent profile image on TikTok with an iPhone?

    A different method has been described in the article specifically that is suitable for iPhone customers.

    Q: Do I need any third-party applications requiring a transparent TikTok profile photo?

    There is no need to worry; you can create a transparent profile image using a site named “remove. bg”.

    Q: How can I modify my transparent profile image after uploading it to TikTok?

    You can update your profile photo whenever you’d like.

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