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How To Get All 3 Flowers In Blox Fruits With Locations

    There are three types of flowers you could see while playing Blox Fruits. You’ll see the three types of red blooms: blue, red, and yellow. If you need help finding these flowers or are trying to figure out where they are spawned, You can read the complete guide below on the accurate way to see all of the blossoms from Blox Fruits.

    Where can I get all the flowers in Blox Fruits?

    The different plant species are an element in the Alchemist quest in Blox Fruits. The Alchemist offers the quest, which wants you to gather these plants to increase your race level. Players can improve their race up to V2 after completing this Flower Quest. To locate the specially coloured racers, we’ve listed the ones in the following table.

    Blox Fruits Blue Flowers

    It is important to understand that blue-coloured flowers are only produced during the evening. The accurate spot to explore to have the perfect possibility of locating an emerald-coloured one is Usoap’s Island. It is situated in the back of the island’s home, and one is located on the ground when you travel around the island. The blue flower is situated in the Graveyard over a grave, and an extra one is located within the Graveyard underneath the tree. Its vibrant blue hue is difficult to miss when you’re strolling around.

    Blox Fruits with red flowers

    The red species is only found in the daylight hours. There are five locations where you can find these. One is located within the Kingdom of Rose and in the first region. It is located in a red building with a step-down adjacent. If you glance towards the rear of it and look closely, you’ll see exactly what you’re seeking. Another one is hidden in the bushes on the left of the Swan Mansion, and another is the massive brown rock near Fajita near Fajita Green Zone. It is also possible to attempt to find it on the Green Zone again behind the Marine Lieutenant and at the rounded plateau in front of the Factory.

    Blox Fruits with yellow flowers

    Yellow ones aren’t found in any specific place. Therefore, you can only truly see them in some areas. You’ll have to take out all NPC with an average drop rate of 60 per cent.

    You’ll have to learn to obtain all the flowers from Blox Fruits.

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