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How To Get My Telegram Profile Link

    Telegram is among the latest messaging applications that are truly allowing WhatsApp to compete with WhatsApp for money. There are a lot of new users being introduced to Telegram but aren’t sure how to duplicate Telegram groups, profile channels, messages, and channel hyperlinks on web and mobile applications. Sharing and copying Telegram links is a great way to invite other users and publish content outside of the app. Learn how to copy Telegram hyperlinks and send them out.

    What is a Telegram Link?

    A Telegram Link is a URL that allows users to sign up for a channel or group in the application. Links can be shared with friends via email, social media, and other messaging applications. The Telegram Group Link typically begins with then which is followed by the channel’s or group’s title.

    How to Get My Telegram Profile Link

    Your Telegram profile page is an individual and custom URL that allows others to access your profile on Telegram. It makes it easy for users to browse your profile image and username and get in touch with your profile.

    Create your Telegram profile URL by customizing your username inside the application, and it will be incorporated into the hyperlink. Following the steps listed below to create your username If you’re not already doing so, look for the account link:

    • Launch Telegram and click on the icon of three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner.
    • Click on Settings within the menu.
    • Select None under the Account section to create the username.
    • Then type in the username of your preferred, then tap the tick icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to save.

    Notice: Every username is unique, and could include letters A-Z as well as numbers from 0 to 9. underscores.

    For security motives, Telegram does not allow users to copy and paste the whole profile link. But, the standard structure of any Telegram link to a profile is t.meor.

    Also, take your username and copy it from Telegram add t.meor before it, and then share it with whomever you’d like to.

    What do I need to do to get my Telegram profile URL on Android?

    We’ll first discuss how I can get my Telegram profile URL in the mobile application for Android. To do that, I have to take a couple of steps:

    • Step 1. Open Telegram;
    • Step 2. After that, I go to the menu left and then tap my avatar. Or simply tap on the ‘Settings’;
    • Step 3. There I can view my account information. The ID matches my nickname. Then, I tap my username
    • Step 4. In the next window, I could edit my user name, as well as below, I’ll be able to look up my Telegram profile URL;

    Then, the 5th step. Click on the link, to have it copied onto the clipboard. Then I’ll send the link to someone else so that you can talk to him.

    How to Copy Telegram Profile Account Link

    The links on your profile can direct acquaintances and friends to your profile. Your name will be visible to them as well as your bio and other personal information you’ve kept open to the public. Much will be dependent on your security and privacy settings too. That’s why you should post your profile links.

    Copy Your Telegram Profile Link on the Mobile

    I’m using an iPhone for this tutorial but the procedure is largely identical for Android as well.

    • Start Telegram and click on the settings towards the bottom. There you will see your profile picture along with your number as well as your Telegram username. So your Telegram profile account link would be
    • If you’re not set up with an account already it’s possible to do this in a matter of minutes. Just tap the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner. Then, tap on the username.
    • It is possible to try several usernames before you can locate one that you can use. When you’ve found one that you want to save, click Done to save the username. Each username is unique. It could contain a-z and zero to nine or underscores. The minimum length for a username is five characters. Your brand new Telegram profile URL will appear on the right side of your screen immediately.

    Final Note: Use Telegram Links to get more visibility

    Telegram Links are an essential element of the application for any type of channel, group, or channel, or trying a way to be a part of one. Through this tutorial, you’ve learned how to find, send hyperlinks, and include them on Telegram in addition to how to make use of links as well as the Telegram Link Generator. Additionally, you’ve been introduced to Web Telegram and how it can be used to open the application from any browser. Utilizing these tools by following the guidelines in this article it will be possible to make and distribute Telegram hyperlinks with ease.


    Where can I find my Telegram account’s link?

    Start Telegram, and then click on the Settings tab on the right where you will find your profile photo along with the Telegram username. So your Telegram profile account link would be

    How do I send my Telegram URL?

    Start the menu in the app (swipe right from the chat menu) > Invite friends. Choose an app that you want to invite friends. Send your contacts a hyperlink along with your username to ensure they can find your profile via Telegram even when they don’t know the number of your telephone.

    What is a Telegram ID Link?

    The field displays the current username beneath your telephone number at the highest point of your account’s overview. If you don’t have any usernames, you’ll have to create one to locate your Chat ID.

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