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How To Ignore And Unignore Messages On Messenger

    If you receive messages from random users via Messenger and you don’t feel like speaking to someone specific, it is possible to dismiss them, which acts similar to marking the text as spam.

    If you respond to a message, you will be notified of the new messages once you reverse the denial you gave to the recipient.

    If you want to restart conversations, be patient; this article will teach you how to re-insert ignore messages.

    Quick Answer

    Unblock messages from Messenger is simple. Start Your Messenger application. Select your profile photo or on the icon with three lines in the upper right. Find the option “Message requests” and click on it. Locate”Spam” under the “Spam” tab and tap on it. Select the conversation you want to block and then open the conversation. When the dialog window appears, respond to the message or begin an entirely new one, which will stop the message.

    There are various reasons for refusing to respond to messages from Messenger. This guide will outline how to ignore messages on Messenger and a later step-by-step guide to unblock Messenger messages and resuming your conversation with a friend.

    Unspam Messenger chat without replying.

    If you would like to turn off messages on Messenger and not reply to them, that’s an option. I’ve discovered a solution to allow you the opportunity to ignore messages in Messenger 2021 and not have to respond.

    Messenger Lite is the best choice to unblock a conversation on Facebook Messenger without chatting. As opposed to the regular Messenger application, Messenger Lite Lite Version of Messenger allows you to remove someone from your list without sending messages.

    There is one drawback: Messenger Lite is available only on Android devices. Therefore, if you want to use Messenger for your iPhone or a desktop, it is necessary to use the standard procedure.

    Let’s look at how you can turn off Messenger messages on Android without replying or texting.

    How do you unblock someone’s Messenger and not reply

    • You can install Messenger Lite onto your Android smartphone. (TIP: Download the APK and then sideload it if Messenger Lite isn’t in your area.)
    • Launch the app and log in using your Facebook account.
    • Click to open the “People” tab and search for the user whose message you would like to silence.
    • Click the name of the person within the results of your search.
    • Choose”Accept” at the bottom “Accept” option at the lower right.
    • That’s it. This conversation is now ignored and will be returned to the Chats list.

    How To Ignore Messages On Messenger

    To block messages from Messenger is quite simple. In the same way, as I mentioned previously, it is necessary to locate”Restrict” “Restrict” option and tap on it. However, I must still explain how to accomplish this for each device.

    Here’s an explanation of the methods to block messages for devices in sizes from iPhone up to Android.

    What can you do to block messages from Facebook?

    Dismissing messages from Facebook is quite a simple process. Follow one of the steps below to suit your device to start.

    On Android

    Launch the Messenger application from your device and go to the conversation you want to ignore. Then, hold and tap the conversation.

    • Choose “Ignore chat.”

    • You can confirm the selection by pressing ‘Ignore’ a second time.
    • This conversation is now placed in the ‘Message request area, and you can ignore messages from the contact.

    On iPhone and iPad

    • Start Messenger on your iOS device and click the message you want to de-save.
    • Press it to begin the chat. Then, tap the “Username on the right side of the screen.
    • Scroll to the bottom and click “Ignore all messages.”

    • You can confirm the selection by pressing ‘Ignore’ a second time.
    • The message will disappear and be moved to the “Message Request” section in your Messenger.

    Ignore/Unignore Messages on Messenger on Facebook PC

    • Sign in to your Facebook account by going to, then click the Messenger icon on the top right-hand side of the page to launch the chatbox.
    • Start the conversation you would like to pay attention to. Select the user’s name, click on the person, and then, from the menus, select to miss messages.
    • You can confirm this with a click on the Ignore message.

    To Unignore Messages

    • Log into your Facebook account, then click the Messenger icon at the top of the bar.
    • Then, select the three dots menu and choose messages.
    • The conversations currently showing, choose the one you wish to block. You can send a message to the message, and then you’re finished!


    The best way to avoid messages is when you wish to prevent someone from participating in a conversation.

    To revert the messages you ignored, reply to the chat to close it and return to the chat window.

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