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how to know if someone restricted you on instagram

    You utilize Instagram frequently, and until now, you’ve not had any issues using its principal functions. However, recently you’ve noticed there is something wrong. You cannot engage as previously with a user, and you believe that you’ve been subjected to limitations by Instagram.

    What do you think? It’s the way things are. Therefore you’re trying to determine if someone’s been limiting your access to Instagram? If so, don’t be concerned because I’m here to assist you. In the following chapters of my guide, I’ll show you how you can succeed in your goal by using features made available directly by popular social networks for photographers.

    If you’re looking forward to getting more information, settle down at a comfortable place and set aside some minutes of your time to apply the methods I’m going to teach you with. It will be evident that you’ll achieve the goals you set for yourself with a bit of luck. At the moment, all I need to do is to wish you a great read and best of luck in everything!

    What can you tell if someone has banned you from Instagram?

    If you’d like to know whether someone has blocked you on Instagram, It’s pretty simple. It’s easy to look up their profile and discover. You have to look down and search for the restricted button. If they have restricted your access, then the button will be visible. If not, it will not!

    If you’re with the person who you are following, This method will be able to work without difficulty. You could also speak with your family and friends and ask them to be aware of any restrictions imposed by them!

    If you’ve ever had someone try to block you on Instagram but did not inform you about it, this is the perfect time to ensure they don’t repeat the same mistake! You can take a look at their profile. You may be more popular than they realize!

    How can you tell when you’ve been banned from Instagram?

    If your account appears private and you cannot locate it, you’ve probably been blocked. If your account’s public and you go to their page, there is no profile picture and their count of followers, post count, or the following count, and the photo grid says “No Posts Yet,” it’s likely that you’ve been blocked.

    How to Tell if You’ve been restricted by someone on Instagram

    Instagram makes it difficult to determine whether someone has blocked your account. However, there are several methods to do this without using the app.

    With the help of comments

    Step 1. Create a new Instagram account.

    Step 2. Search for the user’s account on which you were restricted.

    Step 3: Locate the post you posted your comment from your old account.

    Step 4: If you can’t see your comment on this page, this user has blocked it on Instagram.

    Note: We presume that the person you’re trying to locate is a public user. If he’s kept the account private, you won’t be able to complete this procedure.

    With the help of Activity Status

    Step 1: Create a brand new Instagram account.

    Step 2. Search for the account of the user who has restricted you

    Step 3. If you check the online or offline status of the user, that means that he’s restricted your account.

    Can someone tell me if I need to restrict them from using Instagram?

    Will they receive a message if I limit their access to Instagram? No. Instagram won’t notify someone who is banned. Additionally, Instagram will not display any message or icon that indicates you have blocked the account.

    How can you tell the difference between restricting and blocking Instagram?

    When you stop someone and do not allow them to send direct messages. However, if you block a person, they may still communicate with you.

    Monitor their Activity The Status

    While it’s not much assistance, it could help you understand your primary account being blocked by someone else.

    If you are subject to restrictions by a specific person who is not a member of your group, you won’t be able to see their current status or when they last were active. But, before you check this, check that you have your status set to “ON,” which will enable you to view others’ statuses. If not, head into Settings and then Privacy, revealing an Activity Status feature for your Instagram account. Make sure the group is “ON” to let you see the status of other users and aid you in finding out if someone has blocked access to Instagram.

    If you’re still unable to see the active status, change to a secondary account or create a new account. If their activity appears immediately and without a second thought, be sure that they have not blocked your access.


    These are the three ways to determine if someone has restricted the use of Instagram. If you have any questions about our article for deciding who has blocked you on Instagram, Please post them in the comment section below. It is also possible to browse through the Instagram section on our site to learn the details regarding the app. It is also possible to browse other subjects related to technology generally. We’ve included a few below.

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