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How To Make A Braided Rug

    If you need to make something unique, a homemade braided rug is an amusing project and may be an exceptional present. These are easy to make and require a bit of sewing, resulting in a neat rug that pays homage to Pioneer designs.

    What You’ll Need

    • Equipment / Tools
    • Fabric scissors
    • Needle
    • Ruler
    • Large garments pin or binder clip
    • Materials
    • Fabric scraps which encompass sheets, apparel, curtains, or blankets
    • Thread


    Create a Design

    First, determine the layout for your rug. Consider the room wherein you want to locate it, what form might appear great, and what sun shades you need to apply. Perhaps you want a braided runner for a hallway or a spherical rug for a seating area for your residing room; go through in mind what you may additionally want to paintings in that location and the way huge of a rug you need to make and remember what shades might supplement every first rate and the room properly.

    Cut the Fabric

    Now that you have a format in mind, it’s time to start making ready the fabric. This assignment is a splendid way to burn up material scraps you can have in addition to any vintage sheets, apparel, blankets, or curtains. Take your preferred material and, using a ruler, degree 2-inch-massive strips, then reduce them with fabric scissors. Next, remove every material strip, gently stretch it out, and reduce any frayed bits, then roll it into a ball as you may do with yarn.

    Start Braiding

    Once you’ve got were given a fantastic quantity of material strips, it’s time to start braiding. Think approximately how many extraordinary colorations you want to use for each braid, as this may affect the final appearance of the rug — for a colorful rug, use 3 considered one-among-a-kind colors in each braid; for just a speck of color, use distinct shades; and in case you need a stable colored rug, use fabric it is all one coloration. The braiding step may additionally take you multiple days, but it is an easy and fun venture that you can do while searching for a movie or catching up with a friend on the mobile phone! Take three rolled-up balls of fabric, join the give up of every one of the 3 quantities to a ground that incorporates a table, the use of a clothespin, or a big binder clip, and in reality, start braiding like you’ll braid hair.

    Sew the Ends

    When you return to the top of the material strips, reduce off any extra cloth at the give up, then use a needle and thread (you can, of the route, do that with a sewing device, too), sew the top and bottom ends of the three strips collectively, so the material does not separate. You’ve got got a long braided rope. Continue this manner till you have used up all of the fabric. Then, sew the braided portions collectively so that you have one lengthy non-stop rope, and form it right into a ball so it does not get all twisted up.

    Lay It Out

    Now it’s time to start laying out the rug, each on the floor or a big crafting table. If you need to make an oval-fashioned rug, start with one quit of the braided rope, lay it down on your selected floor, and begin growing an oval form, laying the braid down in a clockwise path.

    Start Sewing It Together

    As speedy as you’ve got determined at the period of the rug and characteristic laid down its vital and starting piece, stitch it collectively the usage of a needle and thread (or, once more, if the cloth is in truth too thick in any other case you’ll decide on an incredible method, use a sewing gadget to try this). Continue going around with your braid, pushing it together and stitching the pieces collectively as you skip alongside. Keep stretching out the rug lightly to ensure it’s miles keeping its shape.

    Finish It Off

    When you are nearing the surrender of the braided rope, and your rug is finished, genuinely tuck the surrender of the braid below the finished rug and strong it with the useful method of sewing it. Look over the rug, remove any little portions of frayed cloth, and ensure that each one of the rims looks high-quality and clean. Then you are definately truly prepared to enjoy the cease result of your hard work and region your braided introduction in its unique spot!

    Things to observe:

    • The rug will be predisposed to bunch up as you skip along. To flatten it, spritz it with a sprig water bottle and use your fingers to push it to decrease again into shape.
    • You can vicinity some heavy gadgets on it to maintain it while you braid if necessary. To reduce the bunching, try and preserve your joints lose.
    • I desired to finish the backing of my braided t-shirt rug so it stayed in the area, so I ironed on a few fusible interfacing to the opposite side. You also can cease it with starch or Polycrylic spray as a defensive diploma.

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