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How To Make A Copy Of A Word Document

    Making Word document copies is easy and requires only a few seconds. It is possible to create copies of your Word document for several reasons.

    If you’re required to alter the document but wish to preserve the original record, creating a copy permits you to play around with different editing techniques without compromising the document’s authenticity initially contained.

    If you are working on a project with other people by making copies, it can be helpful to ensure that everyone is working and avoid accidentally rewriting someone else’s work.

    Make a backup copy of your Word document in case of accidental errors such as Word crashes after saving, corrupted Word document, or lost Word document.

    If you want to secure your original document or remain well-organized, making copies of your document in Word is a simple and fast method to accomplish your goals. Find out the steps to create a copy of your Word document.

    How do you duplicate a Word document?

    It is necessary to create an emulation of a Word document for various reasons.

    It is possible to save backup copies of a document. If this happens, retrieving at least certain content if the initial file has been deleted forever is possible.

    Create a copy of the document and give it to someone else who edits it with you without altering the version that was initially created.

    I am editing a document on my own without causing damage to the original document.

    Use a document to create a template of a similar file.

    With ONLYOFFICE Documents, Personal, and Desktop Editors, you can create Word Document clones for any event.

    How to Duplicate a Word Document?

    Copy and Paste in Windows Explorer

    In the case of duplicates for a Word document, The most straightforward method is to paste the document into Windows. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to make copies of the Word document with Windows Explorer:

    Step 1. Navigate to the folder where the desired document is and click right-click to open the Word document you wish to take a copy of.

    Step 2: Then, then choose”Copy” from the setting menu “Copy” option in the settings menu.

    Step 3: Find the exact location to save the file that you duplicated. It is possible to keep the file in Windows, external or internal HDD, USB drive, etc.

    Step 4: When you are done, you can right-click on the folder within the folder again.

    Step 5: Select”Paste. “Paste” option to proceed.

    Open the File as a New One in Word

    If you’re looking for an answer to “how to make a copy of a Word document,” We can assist you. If you want to make a Word document copy, you could select to open it as an additional document, and then you can save it as an exact copy of the first version. Now, let us go through the steps to adhere to:

    Visit the address and right-click on the file you wish to duplicate.

    Select the New option in the settings menu to launch it.

    You may notice that the name of the document you are reading differs. It’s usually called Document 1,2 3…, and the list continues.

    If you don’t roll in any updates on the documents, click Save to copy the document.

    If you’ve made a couple of changes, you’ll receive a notification to assist you in saving the file before closing the file.

     Click on the Save button to continue.

    Next, the program will ask that you select a location to save the duplicate Word document. You can also modify the name of the new document.

    Create Duplicate Documents in Word Online

    With Word Online, you can create duplicate copies of documents in other folders of OneDrive as well as download files directly onto your computer or Mac.

    Start the document using Word Online.

    Click on the File tab.

    Click Save on the menu. Select Save to save an additional copy to OneDrive. Select the Download and Copy option to download the duplicate copy onto your computer.

    • Open as Copy in Word
    • This time, open Word first.
    • Click the “File” tab.
    • Click the following “Open” option.
    • Within the “Open” window, first, select a document.
    • After that, click the upside-down triangle just below”Open” button “Open” button.
    • Choose “Open as Copy.”

    Then you will see on your title bar that the document you’re opening is duplicated.


    For a quick overview of how to copy a Word document. This article will show you the most effective ways to make copies of Word documents. Word document. Additionally, as a result of reading this post, you’ll be able to appreciate the advantages of copying Word documents. But, if you’ve created several duplicate files, you can quickly eliminate them with the help of 4DDiG’s Duplicate File Remover.

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