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How To Make A Flower Wall

    A flower wall is a fantastic backdrop for a baby or wedding shower; however, renting or purchasing one can be expensive. If you’re thinking of a DIY option, building your own floral wall can be cheap. In this post, we’ll guide you through this simple procedure from beginning to end. We’ll discuss wall-mounted options, offer many design tips, and go over the various ways you can confidently hang the wall. If you want to design the perfect backdrop for your wedding, take a look!

    What is a flower wall?

    The flower wall can be described as a form of the backdrop by affixing large amounts of fake or fresh flowers to a wire mesh. Flower walls are typically used during events, such as weddings or parties, to divide a space or create an attractive photo backdrop.

    The flower walls are often used in the homes of homeowners for a different approach to conventional feature walls. They add interest in texture, colour and colour to a living space or bedroom.

    What You’ll Need

    Equipment / Tools

    • Glue gun
    • Wire cutters
    • Scissors
    • Measuring tape
    • Pencil


    • 1 rectangular foam board
    • 1 bag of faux flowers
    • 6 velcro strips


    Measure Your Space

    Decide where you’d like your flower wall DIY, then decide how large your desired size is. Find the length and the width of the space using the measuring tape.
    Measurement of the wall in orange to determine the amount of space needed to make a flower wall

    Cut Foam to Size

    When you’ve got the dimensions you want for your flower wall, DIY Cut your foam board according to the size you want, making sure you keep all edges straight and as even as possible. If the foam board you choose to use is already a good fit in the space you’d like it to, you may leave this step out.

    Cut Flower Stems

    If your faux flower has wire stems, use your wire cutters to cut the branches, but only partially. Leave approximately 1 quarter inch of the wire so it is possible to attach the flower to the board with ease.

    The majority of faux flowers do not have stems. It is possible to work with fake flowers that don’t have branches, So don’t fret that yours didn’t come with them. You can skip this step if this is the scenario.
    Wire cutters take wire stems from the top of faux flowers.

    Place Faux Flowers

    Before attaching your flowers to the board, place the flowers in a row. This lets you create your design before you commit to a particular arrangement. You can alter the layout until you achieve the appearance you desire.

    If you’re using a variety of flower arrangements, it’s easier to begin by placing the largest ones first. Fill in the gaps around the larger flowers using your smaller ones, filling the entire board.

    Attach Flowers to Board

    Attach your faux flowers to your foam board by punching holes through the foam before pushing the stems into it. If the fake flowers you use have sturdy wire stems, it is easy to make them through the foam and create a hole.

    If the faux flowers come with no stems, you can fix the flowers on the board using the help of hot glue. Once the flowers have been secured, allow the glue to set and dry for a minimum of 10 minutes before hanging the wall of flowers.

    You can add several layers of faux flowers to create a complete, lush appearance. It is possible to attach the flowers without causing damage using the hot glue gun. Make sure that all is secure and neat before you move on.
    Hot glue is applied to the top of the faux flowers to fix them on the board.

    Apply Velcro Strips

    Use strong velcro strips to hang your DIY flower board and complete your DIY flower wall. You could also use nails or command hooks, but velcro strips are the best method to hang the board securely and smoothly without showing any hardware. When you turn your board, it’ll appear as if it’s floating.

    Attach your velcro strips on the side of your foam board horizontally. Utilize the least three strips to ensure a solid hold. Increase the number depending on the amount of weight your board has. The more you have, the better in our view.

    Once you’ve attached the strips, put the board against the wall on which you plan to hang it and mark where your strips meet the wall. Remove the board and attach adjacent velcro strips in the areas where the pencil marks are to allow you to hang the board from them.


    It is the most enjoyable and satisfying experience. Therefore, you can bring them into your home interiors with a stunning diy flower wall. The suggested DIY floral wall concepts could be a stunning backdrop for your photo booth. They will look amazing in your living room or bedroom. It’s also an excellent way to reuse the bouquets from your past and flower pots made of artificial. Create wall decorations in the canvas frames to create a flower-filled wall decor. Place a few flowers in a cluster around an image frame on the wall to create a stunning wall art piece, and arrange flowers in a row across the border to create a fantastic diy flower-themed wall.

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