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How To Make A Heart Out Of A Gum Wrapper

    Many chewy wrappers were left, so I decided to create these adorable heart-shaped hearts. Gum chewers who prefer to entertain themselves can rejoice! Turning the gum wrappers into hearts is a fantastic method of using productive fidgeting as you blow bubbles. You could also send a lovely gesture for the person you cherish. A gifting gesture to a loved one with an origami heart made of gum wrappers is a romantic yet simple way to show you’re considering him.

    Create the Shape

    Make a rectangle-shaped gum wrapper into squares by cutting off or tearing away one side of the wrapper. If the wrapper is twice the length of its width, fold it in half to form an oval. Decide where you want to cut the paper by folding and tearing the wrapper in half along the diagonal so that the shorter side is aligned to the longer side. Cut any excess paper to make a square, and then fold it in half in the opposite direction to form a second crease which splits it into four triangles.

    Finish the Gum Wrapper Heart

    Fold the corners down of the wrapper, except the bottom, to form a softer heart-shaped shape. The creases can be sharpened with a plastic card should you need to, but the gum wrapper should hold this shape without much effort. If you want to keep the heart intact for a long time and do not want it to begin breaking, apply tiny glue dots on the corners.

    Uses for Gum Wrapper Hearts

    After you’ve mastered this simple technique for creating a gum wrapper origami heart and you’ll soon find yourself folding every wrapper that is empty into one. If you have many gum wrapper hearts available, There are various creative ways to use these hearts.

    Use thread and needles to create a garland made of hearts that you can display for Valentine’s Day or hang over your desk. Utilize a few handfuls of hearts to cushion the material within small boxes. Adhere them to greeting cards, or create a pop-up card with the hearts moving outward as the card opens.

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