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How To Make A Lazy Susan

    By constructing your very own lazy Susan, you could maximize your storage location while protecting your countertop from scratches as you keep near the components you want. Place one in your pantry or kitchen cabinet to hold things like spices and condiments, or maintain it for your desk to maintain your workplace materials. You can use a lazy Susan for almost something you need clean get right of entry to—the alternatives are, in truth, countless.

    Unfortunately, properly-made lazy Susans are challenging to find out. With this academic, you could pass the hunt and make your DIY lazy Susan with some accessible substances. This DIY is straightforward and smooth, making it suitable for all capability degrees (even though you can use an electricity system, it isn’t a little one-pleasant). You can take the preserve of the whole lot you want at your nearby home development save.

    How To Make A DIY Lazy Susan


    • Measure the width & intensity of the cupboard.
    • Paint & Prime
    • Screw the turntable mechanism

    Materials and tools needed

    • ½” MDF sheet ($8.50)
    • Lazy Susan hardware ($four-$nine)
    • eight screws
    • Paint
    • Jigsaw
    • Drill


    Measure your cabinet’s width & depth. Draw a circle at the MDF. Ensure your lazy susan circle is slightly smaller than the width/intensity of the cabinet. You, without a doubt, want a chunk of wiggle room to ensure your lazy susan no longer hits the edges of the cupboard while spinning it.
    2×4 foot panel of MDF laid on an outdoor table with circles marked on it organized for reduction.
    2’x4′ sheet of MDF

    Using a jigsaw, reduce the circle out.


    • I’ve tested a LOT of jigsaws. This Bosch jigsaw is the only one I love and use myself.
      It’s steady, more robust & turns with precision.
    • Working on the lowest, discover the circle’s center and mark it.
      Place the lazy susan bearing over the center and screw the issue that touches the lowest of the lazy susan into the area.

    Align the pinnacle part of the mechanism so the massive circle is over the MDF. Mark the MDF with a pencil in that spot (consisting of your note inside the photograph above.)
    Drill a hole through the MDF in which you marked it. The hole wants to be giant sufficient to fit a screwdriver head via.
    Drilling and getting right of entry to hollow through MDF that is big enough to healthful a screwdriver through.

    Place your lazy susan anyplace it’s miles you want to locate it – possibly indoors in a cabinet.
    Rotate the lazy susan until the massive hole is at once over one of the screw holes at the mechanism plate. Drop a screw in, after which screw it into the cupboard shelf. Repeat until all four screws are screwed in, and the lazy susan is secured.
    Attaching a DIY lazy susan to a tabletop with the aid of dropping a screw into the get admission to the hole and then screwing it in thru the get entry to the hole.

    You’re executed.


    Ideas for Designing a Pretty DIY Lazy Susan

    You can use a vintage tray, lowering board, mirror, and another domestic decor to make a pretty DIY Lazy Susan. If you want to start from scratch and lay out your Lazy Susan, you may discover sincerely top-notch unfinished wood slices and craft wooden rounds on Amazon.

    They even have cool unfinished timber trays in masses of sizes and designs. The unfinished hexagon trays are my preferred. I, in reality, ordered one to have a touch of DIY amusement with. I’ll get virtually a percentage here as quickly as I end it.

    My steps for creating a pretty DIY Lazy Susan Box can also be found on this weblog. I attached Lazy Susan Hardware to this field and have used it to set up my visit spice for three or four years.


    Here you circulate. That’s the whole lot you want to realize approximately a way to make a lazy Susan. Making a lazy Susan is extra or a good deal less identical irrespective of the fabric you operate.

    First, prepare the rotating tray, drill the holes at the lowest, and connect the lazy Susan hardware. And that’s it. Your DIY lazy Susan is prepared.

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