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How To Make A Potato Gun

    It is true that you love eating potatoes, but shooting them from a huge cannon is a lot more thrilling. The construction of the potato gun (also called a potato cannon, spudzooka (also known as the spud guns) can be a thrilling DIY project and also illustrates the physical laws as you go along. We’ll go over the steps you must take to build a simple potato gun. You can put your own twist on the idea but don’t forget to! Follow our instructions to build your own spud gun within a matter of minutes.


    • Flint igniter (lantern lighter) BBQ Lighter
    • Hand saw
    • 4″ PVC cleanout plug
    • 4″ PVC fitting cleanout adapter
    • 4″ PVC coupling
    • 4″ x 24″ PVC pipe
    • 2″ x 4″ PVC increaser reducer
    • 2″ x 48″ PVC pipe
    • PVC cleaner, primer, & cement
    • Potatoes in a dish
    • Hair spray (aerosol)
    • TOOLS
    • Drill
    • Hand saw
    • File


    • Slice the PVC components to length, and clean and prepare the joints. Join the components C through G together.
    • Create a hole to fit the lantern’s light source inside the middle of pipe E, and install the lantern using its hardware. They are small and utilize flint for the spark that is strong. They are available within the section for camping of major department stores.
    • Utilizing the file, smooth the pipe’s circumference. This makes the process of shoving the potato through easier since the pipe will be able to cut off any excess potato.
      It’s time to release your potatoes!
      Find a huge open space to launch the gun.
      Place a potato in the. Make use of a rod or stick to push it all the way into the barrel.
      Apply the spray (make sure it’s not flammable) into the large end of the pistol. If you apply too little, the potato won’t travel far, but if you use too much, it won’t go off at all since there’s not enough oxygen inside the chamber.
      Screw on the plug quickly (part B). Make sure that it is securely screwed in all ways. The cap is blowing off the side of the firearm.
      Place the gun on your side, with the aim pointed at a safe angle. The lighter should be flicked quickly like you were making your fingers snap.


    • Use medium size potatoes. When you place the potato in the barrel, make sure you do not press it down too much.
    • The broom’s end is a great jammer to push the potato into the barrel.
    • When purchasing hairspray, select the type that won’t change into the liquid quickly.
    • ALWAYS keep the coupling of the male not screwed at ALL in order to prevent the hairspray from becoming dry and causing the coupling to be permanently screwed-in.

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