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How to Make a Sun in Little Alchemy

    The Sun, the sun that supplies our solar systems with energy, heat and light, plays a key role in the development of many different elements on Earth. Sun is required for elements to be made in “Little Alchemy”.

    While you can combine seven elements to make the Sun, you don’t need to do many complicated steps.

    This article is part LifeRejoice’s step–by–step ‘how do’ series to make Elements in Little Alchemy.

    How to make the Sun in Very Little alchemy

    This page will provide Little Alchemy Sun cheats. This simple game allows you to make the Sun using 1 of the following combinations. For receiving other elements, the Sun is also able to participate in 25 combinations. Check out the other Little Alchemy Cheats, you can also locate a search box for elements.

    Add the Glow of Fire and Light to the Sky

    Ancient humans saw the Sun as a ball of fire when they looked up to the sky. They saw that the Sun was providing warmth. Temperatures were affected by what they saw as the Sun’s movement.

    They also associated sunsets and sunrises with fires and flames, since the sky would often change to orange or red colors. Clear skies and cloudy skies both suggested that flames were possible.

    Combining the Planet and Sky elements with the Fire element is the best way to make Sun in this game.

    The following combinations are available if you don’t own the Planet element:

    • Earth + Earth = Land
    • Land + land = Continent
    • Continent + Continent = Planet

    Combinations with Sun in Little Alchemy

    Sun is a easy-going and easy-going item, which makes it very easy to bond with other things. The following is a list of possible combinations.

    • Make the aurora by putting the Sun on Antarctica
    • Let the Sun shine on the clay to make bricks
    • The sundial can be set by placing the Sun on it.
    • Make the Sun shine on the flower, and the Sun will make it a sunflower.
    • Apply the Sun to the glasses, and then make the sunglasses.
    • The Sun should be on the grass. Make the hay.
    • Put the Sun on ice, and create a puddle.
    • Make jerky by applying the Sun to the meat.
    • Place the Sun on the Metal and Make the Gold.
    • The Sun should be placed on the Moon, and the moon will become an eclipse.
    • Put the Sun onto the mud and build the brick.
    • Place the Sun on the Night and Make it Day.
    • Let the Sun shine on the ocean to make salt.
    • Let the Sun shine in the rain to make the rainbow
    • Let the Sun shine on the sea, and you will make salt.
    • Let the Sun shine in the sky, and you will be a good ay.
    • Make the sun shine on the snowman.
    • Turn on the Sun and create electricity.
    • Make the space by putting the Sun on the Star.
    • The Sun is the Sun, and it will make your day.

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