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How To Make Alkaline Water

    The normal drinking water supply is considered neutral on the pH scale and has a pH of about 7.0, which means it is not acid, but it is not alkaline, either. But, water could be more acidic based on the source and how drinking water is treated.

    Natural sources, like springs, can have trace quantities of minerals, which can make water alkaline. Processing facilities that use purified water can contain additives or undergo procedures that increase the alkalinity of drinking water. Acidic water can trigger acid reflux and disrupt the pH balance in stomach acid.

    The water that is alkaline is thought to have benefits for the human body. Many believe in the health benefits of an alkaline lifestyle, which is why they drink alkaline water. Alkaline water is expensive, so many people create their own at home or buy it directly from suppliers! Making your alkaline water is simple, easy and cost-effective.

    What is Alkaline Water?

    Acid is essential, particularly within the stomach area, where it’s required to break down and break down food. Certain foods are also acidic when consumed in excess. Certain foods could increase acidity inside the stomach, causing numerous issues. Alkaline water can be described as a drink with a higher pH than normal water, designed to create an essence of the body. It is composed of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. The theory is that alkaline water aids in keeping the balance of pH in the stomach.

    How to make Alkaline Water at Your Home

    Before alkalizing the water you drink, It is recommended to determine the pH levels of the water with tests for pH. Use the steps on the packaging to determine if your water is neutral, acidic or simple. You may already have basic, alkaline or alkaline water available at your house! If the water you drink is acidic or neutral, these are the ways to improve the alkalization of your water.

    Lemon Juice

    The lemon’s acidity seems contradictory; however, adding a few drops of lemon juice to your drinking water makes it alkaline! The pH change occurs after you drink the lemon juice, which is transformed into alkaline and balances your body’s pH. Additionally that adding lemon juice to the water you drink gives it a refreshing fruity flavour!

    To make alkaline water using lemon juice, add a couple of drops to your water, then stir vigorously. Take the water in a moment to experience the full benefits. It may appear acidic, but the body responds to lemon water in an alkaline way, and it’s an excellent way to benefit from alkaline water.

    Baking soda

    Baking soda is a household essential and is frequently utilized to enhance the taste of baked products. The addition of baking soda makes an alkaline solution with very little flavour alteration. Therefore, if you do not like the lemon flavour, you can add baking soda to the water alternatively!

    In its entirety, the baking soda could be slightly bitter since it’s alkaline. You’ll need small amounts of baking soda to create alkaline water. So you don’t feel bitter even if you try! Mix a small amount of baking soda with the water, then stir it until it dissolves completely. This can help lessen the natural acidity of the coffee you drink!

    Try pH Drops

    Although baking soda can be used for various applications, the pH drops (like those from HealthyWiser) are specially formulated to transform drinking water into alkaline. The drops in these liquids are created of highly concentrated minerals and electrolytes. You only require a few drops in every glass of water to raise the pH. These liquids are typically packaged in convenient bottles that you can take wherever you go. Apart from mixing these with water, the fans of pH drops may also add these drops to drinks with acidity, like coffee, to offset the acidity. Yes, they’re flavourless. Another affordable option: Since you’ll only require drops of a drop per glass of water, a fifteen to twenty-dollar bottle will last for a period.

    The Benefits of Alkaline Water

    Alkaline water is safe, delicious, nutritious and healthy it aids with some of the following issues:

    Making Acidity Manageable

    Pepsin, an excessively produced or present enzyme, is linked to acid reflux. Acid reflux may be an ongoing issue in many people, but research has proven that water having a pH of around 8.8 efficiently reduces excessive pepsin production.

    This is why drinking alkaline waters is a viable option for those seeking to treat acid reflux or chronic acidity, and it is usually suggested.

    Immune System Support

    Alkaline water can help support your immune system by establishing an environment in the body to maintain an equilibrium of chemicals that slows the growth of various ailments.

    Health and longevity

    Research shows that drinking alkaline waters was associated with higher longevity and stronger organs and bodies in the testing animals. Although there are still no studies to establish whether the effects would apply to humans similarly, the consensus suggests this may be true.

    Are you able to drink Alkaline Water Each day?

    While alkaline water can provide numerous benefits, there are instances where drinking it daily is not recommended. Here are some instances where it’s advisable to talk to a doctor before drinking alkaline water:

    You’re in trouble if you’re struggling with the liver or kidneys.
    If alkaline water causes your skin to be itchy, you’re not alone.
    If you experience any adverse effects after drinking alkaline water, you may experience any adverse effects.
    However, it’s completely healthy for most people to drink alkaline water regularly.

    Risks associated with Alkaline Water

    Although drinking alkaline water may be safe and not trigger any health problems, Many experts, such as nutritionist Jennifer Blow, say that it is nothing more than a fad in the pseudoscience of science. “Alkaline water, which claims to change the pH of your body is unfortunately one trend that have caught the attention of people,” Blow told us. “But do not be deceived by the fabled elixir. There’s not any research to back the claim, and neither is it particularly beneficial to regulate the pH of your body, because your body can do it all on its own.” Melissa Kelly, MS, RD, CDN, doubts the efficacy of eating alkaline completely. “Overall it is the body that regulates the blood pH levels which is why it’s not possible to change it by food,” she told us. “While the diet that is alkaline encourages fruit and vegetables via a plant-based approach and limits the consumption of processed food however, research has not been conducted.”


    Nowadays, living a healthy lifestyle is the most important list of thing to do for most of us, regardless of where we are.

    The consumption of alkaline water is only one of many adjustments you could make to get further towards living well-being. Our alkaline water filters can make the procedure a lot easier!

    Remember that staying fit is one of the best investments you can invest in your health. So, start today – we’ll be grateful when you’re older!

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