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How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Everything tastes higher dipped in chocolate, and I have hundreds of preferred chocolate-dipped desserts on my net internet site. My favourites encompass Caramel, Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods, and people’s easy Cookie Dough Truffles.

    Smooth recipe with honestly crucial substances, first-class chocolate is truly important. The higher notable of chocolate, the better it will taste, and I’ve placed that Baking Chocolate works fine.

    A cheap bag of chocolate chips will now taste less suitable and soften easily. High first-class chocolate (or baking chocolate chips) tastes a whole lot, a whole lot less processed, melts tons less complex, and truly permits offer the strawberries a nice stunning coat after dipping.

    I usually use Ghirardelli baking chips or Baker’s Baking Chocolate, and I’m typically pleased with the nice and fee. I choose bittersweet or semi-candy, but you may use milk chocolate, semisweet, bittersweet, or white chocolate for dipping strawberries.

    How to Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

    You’ll find a centred detail listing and step-thru-step commands within the recipe underneath, but permit’s skip over the basics:


    These are the components you may want to make exceptional chocolate-blanketed strawberries:

    • Chocolate chips
    • Shortening
    • Strawberries

    How are chocolate-covered strawberries?

    Here is a brief evaluation of what it can be at the same time that you are making strawberries covered with chocolate at home:

    • Chocolate and shortening together.
    • Dip chocolate strawberries.
    • Allow the chocolate to harden.

    Tip: Leave the strawberries covered with chocolate, cover them in chopped sparks or nuts, or spray them with white chocolate.


    If you want to make your strawberries greater fancy, a delicious topping is prime! I’ve furnished instructions for drizzling the dipped strawberries with white chocolate, similar to rolling them in nuts. Finely chopped pistachios, pecans, and almonds taste super with the strawberries. Likewise, you may sprinkle your chocolate with sea salt flakes for a sweet-and-salty effect.

    Additionally, you can roll the one’s berries in candy sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, or chocolate cookie crumbles. 

    Tips for making Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    • Use exceptional materials! I covered the first-rate chocolate to apply above, so I’ll contact the strawberries here. Larger strawberries artwork properly; however, it’s even more crucial to find the ones that can be red like the stem. They must be ripe, however, even though barely a business corporation without bruises. Whenever I can discover the “Berry Big” strawberries, I constantly pick them out as much as I make chocolate-dipped strawberries. They’re my favourites! It’ll supply them locally after they’re in season, and I will try to get them with the stems even though they are attached.
    • If you use a topping similar to the melted chocolate, make certain it’s small enough: chop nuts till they’re in tiny portions (a few pulses in a food processor will do the pastime well), use small sprinkles, and so forth. If you’ve got large sprinkles (this kind of heart for Valentine’s Day), use tweezers to area only some on the top.
    • Be excellent. Your strawberries are certainly dry. This is vital, considering that that will make the chocolate bind properly. After washing, pat each strawberry dry for my part with a dry paper towel. Sometimes I’ll even permit my strawberries to sit down for an hour even after patting them dry to make sure any moisture evaporates (it’s now not vital to do that if you’ve dried them well, I high-quality take this greater step if I, in reality, have the time). Try to apply room-temperature strawberries. Strawberries should be bloodless at the earliest as they may not bind properly.
    • Use those sweet pieces of luggage if you plan on drizzling a second layer of chocolate. I also use them for those Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods and might endorse them sufficiently.

    Should you leave the stems on?

    Yes, leave the stems to your strawberries. If you don’t want to, you can put them off and place a small lollipop stick into the middle as an alternative. The stems will assist in preserving them more energizing, however, plus they appear so pretty!

    How to keep chocolate, including strawberries:

    You may also hold them inside the refrigerator, uncovered, as an awful lot as finally, leaving them on the same baking sheet you located them on after dipping. If serving them the same day you’re making them (it’s preferred), save them, uncovered, on your counter some distance from daylight or warm temperature.

    Do not freeze the strawberries protected with chocolate. The strawberries will release moisture and harm the chocolate coating as they thaw.

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