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How To Make Cold Foam

    Make the change to making your Starbucks coffee at home to save money. $$$? Here’s a short tutorial on how to make this Starbucks cold Foam in only 2 minutes and two ingredients. Perfect for cold brew or iced beverages.

    Two glasses of coffee with hot foam on top.

    I don’t know about you. However, I cannot drink a cup of iced coffee with cold foam. It’s a compulsion to me, and my mornings would be a mess without it.

    Enter: the Starbucks Cold Foam! It came out across the country in 2018 and was arguably the most well-known cold foam in the United States in recent times. It’s also spun into chilled creamy foams, including its Vanilla Ice Cream and its famous version for the season. Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam.

    Cold foam is created using only two ingredients – Vanilla syrup and skim Milk. Maybe add your favorite syrup here, such as brown or caramel syrup? The topping is usually low in calories and is an excellent addition to drinks with ice.

    You’ll be amazed by how simple it is to cook at home. There’s no need to spend money to upgrade your coffee at Starbucks! It’s just two minutes. All you need is an electric mixer. However, I’ll give you some alternatives to make the foam without having one.

    Is cold foam a thing?

    Iced foam can be described as frothed, nonfat Milk that creates an ice-creamy topping for cold drinks of coffee, such as cold brew, iced coffee, or iced cappuccinos such as nitro coffee. It’s akin to the frothy topping of Milk steamed in cappuccino or Latte; however, it is cold to ensure that it does not melt upon it hits the drink.

    Cold foam is atop an alcoholic drink with a dense, fluffy texture that slowly settles the glass as you sip. Since it’s made from nonfat Milk, it’s just one or two calories to the drink. However, the sweet and lightly sweet topping is a massive benefit in terms of texture! We’re skeptical of the latest trends in the UK, but this one is exceptionally delicious.

    Best Milk to make cold foam

    You may think that whole-fat Milk could create the most creamy, rich cold foam. A few recipes from home even require heavy cream or whole Milk. What do you know? Skim milk produces the thickest and strongest rigid foam. It’s due to a higher protein percentage than whole Milk, which is 2 percent.

    Contrary to that, Whole Milk is the most delicious steamed Milk to make the perfect Latte! Why? The lipids help keep the bubbles in a small size, creating the ideal microfoam texture to use in Latte art. If you come across an ice cream recipe that uses whole Milk or heavy cream, take a different route! Skim milk is the best option.


    Vanilla, sweet cream cold foam is among the most sought-after items to purchase at Starbucks. If you’ve had it, you’ll know why it’s so delicious!

    However, you don’t need to visit a coffee shop to enjoy this delicious cold foam dessert. This recipe will teach precisely how to make complex, sweet cream using only four ingredients in less than a minute!

    Cooking it yourself is superior to ordering it. The sweet cream cold foam is frothy and creamy with a delicious vanilla taste.

    The best part is that it tastes fantastic in cold or iced coffees, beverages, or even espresso!

    In that regard, one of my favorite activities lately is to prepare an enormous pot of coffee and then place it in the refrigerator to cool off. Or purchase cold brew from the supermarket – and make the vanilla sweet cream rigid foam to add a little sweetness.

    In truth, that’s the reason why I’ve been jumping up and down from my bed every early morning. And if you can do it, you’ll have a fantastic day!


    You’ll need four ingredients to make vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

    They’re essentials in all homes; you could have everything you need!

    Here are the things you’ll need to have:

    • 1 Tbsp. Heavy Cream
    • 1/2 Cup Whole Milk
    • 1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract
    • 1 Tbsp. Sugar (or sugar-free sweetener)

    If you’d like the drink you are drinking to taste sweeter, You may increase the amount of sugar. If you’d prefer the glass not to be as sweet, you could reduce the sugar you use.


    Few have an electric milk frother; therefore, here are some options to prepare this at home, regardless of what equipment (or absence of) you own.

    French press to pour your ingredients into a French press and then move the handle upwards and downwards quickly until the mixture begins to form a foam.

    Mason jar: Add all ingredients to a mason container with a lid. Shake it vigorously until it becomes foamy. It will then have an enveloping texture.

    Immersion blender: it is an additional larger frother that is used to mix soups in pots. If that’s all you have, it most likely performs. It would help if you increased the recipe to make more volume since the blender must be submerged to function effectively.

    Creamer without foam Mix the ingredients in a jar and stir it well using the help of a spoon to mix.


    It’s incredible how simple making Cold Foam at home is! It’s just two ingredients and just 2 hours. You’ll no longer have to pay for these upgrades at Starbucks for a long time.

    Process Collage with numbers and labels for making Starbucks cold Foam in Nespresso Aeroccino.

    Pour the skim Milk and vanilla syrup into an empty mason jar or a frother. Then turn on the frother or place an electric frother inside the mason jar.

    Begin by placing the frother at the bottom of the mason jar and making circular motions. When it becomes denser and expands in size, it moves you close to your frother.

    Stop the frother once the Milk becomes thick fluffy, creamy, and creamy. Remove it carefully from the mason jar. The chilled foam is ready to be spooned or poured on top of any iced coffee or cold brew.

    How do you make cold foam? (DIY Starbucks recipe)

    How do you make homemade cold foam? It’s easy to prepare this delicious treat to add a touch of sweetness to your homemade iced drinks and cold brews. And it’s awe-inspiring! Here are the steps you’ll need to make (or go to our recipe):

    Take a milk blender. The best method to create Starbucks chilled foam is with an exclusive device: a handheld milk frother. With a price of just $10.90, this is the most efficient device for creating dense, fluffy foam, and definitely worth the cost. (Hey, this is only the 22 Starbucks orders of this product! ).

    Think about other options. If you do not want to use a milk frother, it is possible to use a French press as the alternative If you own one. Visit how to Froth Milk for more. Remember: we do not recommend mixing cold foam because the bubbles can get quite large, and the texture becomes too loose.

    For 15-20 seconds, froth. Add the skim liquid and basic syrup into the tall cup, blending until highly fluffy. It only takes about 15 seconds, and it’s astonishing how fast it can whip up! (For instructions on how to use the French instructions on pressing, you can click here.)


    • It’s okay to create Cold Foam with an electric frother. Here are some alternatives:
    • Use a Nespresso Aeroccino. Hold on to the power button for five minutes. The power button will change color to blue, which indicates that you’re on a set of cold foam.
    • Incorporate the ingredients into a French Press. The handle should be pumped a few times, and it’ll start to create foam!
    • Blenders, handheld mixers, or an immersion blender could also be able to frost the Milk.

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