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How To Make Fire Resistance Potion

    How to make a potion that resists fire

    Your character can go berserk in Minecraft, regardless of whether you’re in a burning forest of the Nether dimension or the lava ocean of The Nether dimension. This is a relatively easy problem. To avoid any fire damage, all that is required is a Potion to Fire Resistance in Minecraft. Like all other potions, it only has a temporary effect. These potions give you enough time to explore certain dangerous areas. Have you ever dreamed of exploring the Nether’s volcanic lava ocean? Now you can. To get better visibility, you should make a Potion Of Night Vision. Recalling the Fire Resistance potion, the recipe works equally well on Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions. Once you have that down, we will show you how to create a Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft.

    How to make a Minecraft brewing stand

    Before making a potion to keep you safe from fire, you need a way of putting it together. This means that you will need to make a brewing stand in Minecraft.

    If you have a brewing machine, skip to How to Make a Fire Resistance Potion with Minecraft.

    Follow these steps to put together a brewing station.

    You will need to have the following ingredients for your Brewing Stand:

    Three cobblestones.

    1 Blaze rod, obtained by killing a Blaze

    Now it’s your turn to make a stand for Brewing.

    Open the crafting interface.

    Place the Blazerod in the upper middle.

    Add the three cobblestones below it in a straight line, one per square.

    Craft the stand.

    How to Make Minecraft Fire Resistance Potions

    Now, make a Fire Resistance potion with your Brewing Stand.

    We need fire-resistance ingredients.

    Magma Cream

    Nether Wart

    A potion jar with water

    Blaze powder for a brewing stand.

    Let’s now make the potion!

    Fill a glass jar with water.

    Blaze powder is added to the stand’s interface.

    Add a water bottle to one of three lower boxes. Or all three, depending on how many potions you’re trying to make.

    Put a Netherwart in the upper box. Brewing this mixture turns the water bottle into an Awkward Potion.

    Now place Magma Cream in your upper-middle slot, where you previously placed the Nether Wart. And brew away! Now you will have a Fire-Resistant Potion in your inventory.

    Make a splash potion of fire resistance in Minecraft.

    If you are alone, you can directly consume the potion to make it work. Minecraft’s potion can be drunk by right-clicking it or pressing the secondary actions key. However, if you want your friends and in-game pets to be fire-resistant, you must make a throwable potent splash fire-resistance potion.

    To create it, you require gunpowder. It is possible to obtain it by killing a creeper. You can get gunpowder and make a splash potion if the creeper dies before it explodes.

    How to use a Minecraft Fire Resistance Potion

    Once you’ve created a fire resistance potion, you can store it in a chest or keep it in your inventory for emergencies. Equip the potion and click on your use item button to drink it. A brief drinking animation will then occur, followed by the fire resistance effect.

    The effects of a fire-resistant potion give you temporary immunity to all forms of heat-based damage. This means you won’t be damaged by Blaze’s fireballs, fire from natural sources, fire, or lava. These potions will be indispensable for your next trip into the Nether.

    Here’s how Minecraft uses a fire resistance potion.

    Fire Resistance potion:

    A Minecraft potion for fire resistance

    Use your button for users to get the Fire Resistance potion.

    Windows 10 or Java Edition: Right click

    Xbox 360 & Xbox One: Press the left trigger

    PS3 or PS4: Use the L2 button.

    Wii U, Switch Press ZL.

    You can view your inventory and check how much time you have left on your Fire Resistance.

    A screenshot of Minecraft’s fire resistance.

    Fire Resistance activated will allow you to go into lava without dying.

    How to Increase Fire Resistance Potion Duration in Minecraft

    You may have noticed that more than your fire resistance potion is needed to last 3 minutes. But don’t worry! There are ways to extend this time to 8 minutes.

    First, check that your Brewing stand still contains enough Blaze Powder. If not, you can always add more in the left-hand spot.

    Place your Fire Resistance Potion, or Potions, in the lower slots.

    Place one Redstone Dust on the top slot. Wait for the Brewing to stop.

    For the latest duration, hover your cursor above the Fire Resistance.


    Fire-resistant is a very useful potion, especially in protecting you against fire-based mobs. Many mobs can be found in Minecraft. This guide will walk you through the entire process of making a fire-resistant potion.

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