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How To Make Frozen Hash Browns

    Learn How To Cook Frozen Hash Browns and turn breakfast proper right into a deliciously gratifying meal! This guide will show you how to combine dinner frozen hash browns in several precise strategies so you can experience your favourite crispy potato component dish each time.

    Suitable for vegetarian and gluten-free diets. The post includes Weight Watchers factors.

    Friends, the frozen hash brown patties you’d get at your chosen speedy meals eating place are so clean to make at home. From skillet hash browns to hash browns within the oven or air fryer, this manual will assist you in discovering ways to cook dinner frozen hash browns so you get crunchy and crispy hash browns on every occasion. 

    Frozen hash browns flavour is delicious and resembles anyone’s desired tater children. It’s smooth to cook dinner frozen hash browns in numerous one-of-a-type methods. They require little prep time and prepare dinner rapidly, so it’s the appropriate breakfast aspect. 


    Simple – Crisp and golden potatoes and now not using oil and no thawing essential. 

    Easy To Dress Up – Season and upload shredded cheese, grilled onions, bacon, or your chosen toppings to the ones frozen hash browns.  

    Best Breakfast Side Dish: Everybody loves breakfast, and crispy potatoes are best for gambling with breakfast.  


    Look for raw “u . S . Fashion” hash brown potatoes or shredded potatoes inside the freezer segment with the opportunity to have potatoes and french fries. If it’s no longer there, it is probably with the frozen breakfast devices. 

    The frozen hash browns usually are available in a 30-ounce bag. The six cups known for this recipe are greater or less than half of a load this period and make four servings. The leftover frozen potatoes may be resealed and stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.


    All you want are your hash browns and a piece of seasoning! No want to spray them with oil; they may be delightfully crispy without it.

    Broad picture showing frozen hash browns and seasoning.

    Frozen Hash Brown Patties – 4 hash brown patties; any logo will show paintings.

    Garlic Salt – To taste. Alternatively, you can use salt & pepper, in case you aren’t a fan of garlic.

    *Be top-notch to see the recipe card beneath for additives, amounts & instructions!*


    All you want is your air fryer and a silicone spatula or tongs for flipping. You have to make more than four hash browns, but the artwork is in batches, so they may not overlap within the air fryer basket.

    Process photo 1 shows raw hash browns inside the air fryer basket.

    Process image two displays cooked hash browns within the air fryer basket.

    Preheat. Preheat your air fryer to four hundred°F (205°C) for more crispy hash browns. Meanwhile, season the four hash brown patties with garlic salt or salt & pepper to flavour.

    Cook. Place your seasoned frozen hash brown patties into the air fryer basket. Be splendid. They are not overlapping. Then, fry for 8-10 mins flipping each hash brown at the halfway point (after four-5 mins).

    Cool and Serve. Remove the hash browns from the air fryer and set them apart to kick back slightly earlier than serving.

    For a quick and clean breakfast, serve your hash browns with a few bitter creams, scrambled eggs and air fryer bacon! On Sundays, we often make a carafe of delicious mimosa mocktails properly. Enjoy!


    • There isn’t always any need to thaw frozen hash browns. 
    • No oil is wanted for skillet hash browns. However, you may spray with olive oil to assist the potatoes crisp calmly and punctiliously. 
    • Grease the baking sheet or line it with parchment paper while baking in the oven. 
    • For more crispy frozen hash browns, grow the cooking time longer. 
    • Spray sheet pan hash browns with olive oil or nonstick cooking spray to help with browning and make the potatoes crispy and crunchy. 
    • Place the potato patties on the baking tray or the air fryer tray in a single layer. 
    • Flip the hash browns midway thru the cooking time. 
    • Season with salt or your preferred seasoning combination before serving. 


    Prep Ahead: Cook at once from the freezer. No prep paintings are wanted. 

    Store: Leftover hash browns may be stored in an airtight field within the fridge for up to three days.

    Freeze: Refreezing those potatoes isn’t always recommended. 

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