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How To Make Spicy Mayo

    Sweet and creamy with a kick of spice, you obtained’t be able to get enough of this Spicy Mayo Recipe! Ready in less than five minutes, it’s made with just three materials you’ll already have in your pantry. Perfect as a dip, on burgers, or Sushi!

    I love making private condiments because I realize exactly what goes in them! Try my DIY Barbecue Sauce that is going on the entirety, and my self-made chutney is first-class, pretty spiced, and addictive!


    Spicy mayo sauce is precisely what it appears like — mayonnaise with a kick! Sometimes it’s called sriracha mayo because of the truth. That’s what makes it rather spiced.

    Is Spicy Mayo the Same as Yum Yum Sauce?

    While the two sauces are comparable in appearance, spiced Mayo is not just like yum yum sauce. Yum yum, the sauce is not very spiced, and the signature coloration comes from ketchup in place of a warm sauce.

    Ingredients for this Spicy Mayo Recipe

    Mayonnaise: I used regular, save-presented mayonnaise for ease. You can choose your preferred type: decreased-fats, fat-free, olive oil, avocado oil, or vegan if you want to avoid eggs. You can also even make your very non-public!

    Sriracha: Made with ripened puréed chilis, Sriracha is an exceptional crimson, sweet, particularly spiced, and tangy Asian condiment that you could find out within the International aisle at the grocery store.

    Sesame Oil: Toasted sesame oil is explicitly used in Asian cuisine for its delicious, nutty flavor. I needed to upload a hint to a characteristic of that unique aroma of this dip.

    How to make Spicy Mayo

    • It’s honestly clean! All you need is three components to make this noticeably spiced Mayo.
    • Measure out the substances and upload them to a small bowl.
    • Sriracha, mayonnaise, and sesame oil in a small bowl.
    • Mix all the elements both with a spoon or a mini whisk.
    • Mix the Sriracha, mayonnaise, and sesame oil in a small bowl with a whisk.
    • Continue mixing until the additives are combined, and then serve it properly, or hold the pretty spiced mayo recipe in the refrigerator for later!

    How to Store Spicy Mayo

    Serve: Do not leave Spicy Mayo at room temperature for 2 hours. It is incredible to refrigerate till serving and return to the cold as soon as the element has been used.

    Store: Seal up the Spicy Mayo in an airtight area or empty the ketchup bottle and preserve it in the refrigerator. The Spicy Mayo should stay well for as much as approximately in line with a week earlier than you have to throw it out and make some more extraordinary.

    Freeze: It is not advocated to freeze mayonnaise or any recipe with mayonnaise as a detail.

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