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How To Make Sweet Rice

    It is a traditional Punjabi dessert organized and cherished sooner or later at fairs like Basant Panchami, Diwali, etc., and served on auspicious sports like marriage. Basmati rice and sugar syrup are the necessary materials for Meethe Chawal. Still, it’s far the carefully decided collection of Indian spices like green cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and kesar that makes it flavorful and aromatic. The dry result makes it even greater tasty and offers mouth-watering visible appeal. With this recipe’s tastefully balanced materials, step-clever photographs, guidelines, and serving thoughts, this conventional Punjabi candy yellow rice is baby’s play, even for folks who can be studying to prepare dinner.


    Zarda, like Shahi Tukda, originated from the Mughal Indian generation. The call Zarda is derived from the Persian phrase ‘card,’ technique yellow. It is also said to be Mughal Emperor Shahjahan’s preferred dish and turns out to be frequently made at his request.

    It is historically made of fluffy rice cooked with saffron and sugar syrup giving it that attractive hue and candy taste.

    Cardamon, nuts, and dried stop results deliver more taste and texture. A well-known version of Zarda called Muntanjan is cooked with milk in a water region and served with greater yummy combined-ins like dry fruit, khoya/mawa, colorful Ashrafi, gulab jamun, and ras gulls.

    To be sincere, I in no way liked Zarda as a kid. I suggest, appreciably, who wishes candy rice. I imply it sounds bizarre as a toddler, proper? But then, there are so many subjects I wouldn’t touch as an infant that I love now (eight three hundred and sixty-five days antique me should in no way even taste karela). But have a look at me now; I love Zarda and rarely. Omg, is the arena finishing? 


    • Basmati rice: Sella basmati rice is an appropriate type to apply for this recipe, so use it if you may. However, revel in loose-use everyday extended-grain basmati rice if that is what you have, which I also use for my Biryani recipe. Do no longer use quick-grain rice for this; they flip sticky and comfortable even as cooked.
    • Nuts- I used slivered pistachios, greater or much less chopped almonds, and the type of chopped cashew nuts. Feel unfastened to apply extraordinary types like macadamia, pecans, or walnuts. If you are allergic to nuts, try using sunflower or pumpkin seeds.
    • Raisins- or use any dried quit stop result and berries you need.
    • Spices- cardamoms add a citrusy and menthol-like flavor to the sugar syrup, while clove living brings in a hint of earthiness and warmth.
    • Ghee- this is critical in case you need to make genuine-tasting Zarda. It will make the chasing (sugar syrup) a
    • silky and sleek stop.
    • Sugar- you could use ordinary white sensitive sugar. You can also strive the utilization of different natural cane, coconut, or date.
    • Water- boil the basmati rice and offer the cash a thinner consistency.
    • Yellow meals shade: This is an optionally to-be-had factor. However, that’s what offers the Zarda its beautiful yellow hue. I used gel food coloring that I was given from Wilton. However, if available, you can use Zarda rang or regular liquid food coloring.


    Cook the Basmati Rice: In a huge pot, deliver the water to a boil, upload the rice, and blend n the yellow food shade. Cook until the rice is parboiled, about three/4 cooked, then pressure and set apart.

    Make the Chashni: In the identical pot, upload the ghee, then roast the cardamom and clove for a minute or so until aromatic. Add the sugar, water, and medium warmth, and lightly stir until the sugar has.


    • Once the sugar has dissolved, add the rice and mix simply so the sugar syrup coats the rice lightly.
    • Add the raisins and aggregate, and cover the rice for a few minutes.
    • Remove the lid, upload the relaxation of the nuts, and blend them very well.

    Steam prepare dinner: Deduce the warmth of the variety to low, add a flat tawa, and area the pot on it. Cover tightly, and allow the entire rice to cook at a low, warm temperature for approximately 15-20 mins. Note: This gadsteam gadget is called ‘dum’ an,d the timings might also more until the rice is cooked through. However, the rice does need to be on dum for at least 15-20 minutes due to the truth the sugar wants to be absorbed certainly via the use of the rice. The rice will become tough if the rice isn’t steamed at the right time.

    Serve and Enjoy Once the rice is cooked, serve it in a bowl crowned with extra crushed nuts.

    What makes an extraordinary Zarda?

    The quality Zarda is one wherein each grain of rice is lengthy, separate, and corporation with no evidence of mush or overly softened rice, all at the same time as being covered inside the sparkling syrupy goodness of the sugar. Finished off with confetti of candied nuts and raisins laced in each bite, this will become a competition of flavors and textures for your mouth!

    To get this texture of the rice, it’s brilliant to use each more prolonged-grain basmati rice. If you battle with cooking basmati rice, sella rice is your satisfactory buddy – it’s very difficult to lessen to rubble sella as it doesn’t mush or overcook without trouble.

    Do I want to apply food coloring in Zarda?

    Some human beings can be hesitant to use food coloring in Zarda. You won’t want to use powdered meal coloring as advocated in this recipe alternatives to meals coloring embody:

    Saffron (soak a tsp of saffron threads in water and use this to stir into the rice cautiously). This will bring about a faint dye until you use hundreds of saffron, so I suggest you sprinkle the saffron water onto the rice’s top so some rice grains grow yellow.

    You can use any alternate natural meal coloring product – it’ll be artwork, in fact, exceptional. Add this at the equal time you are boiling the rice.

    Turmeric, referred to as ‘the horrible man’s saffron,’ can be used too – the color of yellow it’ll produce is probably quite splendid, so be careful of the manner plenty brightness you’d like. Turmeric has an earthy flavor, so hold this in your thoughts too. I wouldn’t advocate the use of too much turmeric.

    Honestly, you don’t need to characteristic coloration if you don’t need to! It’ll, however, taste identical. 

    Tips and Variations:

    • Adjust sugar consistency together to your taste.
    • You also can use short-grain rice if lengthy-grain rice is not to be had. However, short-grain rice may also shape lumps, making coating each rice with sugar difficult. Follow the give-up given below to make separate rice grains.
    • To prepare dinner, each rice grain is separated, 1. Rinse the rice 5-6 times in water before cooking. 2. Upload 1 teaspoon of oil at the same time as cooking the rice, and 3. Continually prepare dinner rice in a pot or pan (do not prepare dinner dinner dinner them in a pressure cooker).
    • If you need to reduce the amount of saffron, add a pinch of yellow food coloration to offer a similar hue.

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