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How To Make Taro Milk Tea

    Taro milk tea is a colorful purple boba made with jasmine tea, taro root, milk, and tapioca pearls. Each sip is delicate, creamy, and complete with unique and exciting flavors. Try making your very personal for only a fragment of the fee of hold-provided!

    What is taro milk tea?

    Taro milk tea (different, in particular, taro bubble tea) is a form of Taiwanese bubble tea crafted from taro root, milk, jasmine tea, and tapioca pearls.

    The taro root can be freshly cooked, blended, or applied in a powder shape. Although it’s perfect for applying sparkling taro root, we made this recipe with powdered taro because it’s extra without troubles handy around the sector (and what maximum bubble tea shops use).

    This bubble tea is not the best prized for its perfect pastel purple hue. However, it moreover has a uniquely delicious flavor profile.

    Can I make Taro Milk Tea earlier?

    Absolutely! I frequently make a larger batch of milk tea in a glass and store it in the fridge for smooth serving during the week. It makes for a fantastic opportunity out of your regular tea/espresso, and its smooth schooling makes all of it that brilliant.

    From the day of the meeting, it will last approximately 3-4 days at the same time as appropriately stored in an airtight bottle. This version of milk tea does not have any tapioca pearls, making it easy to maintain.

    Best of all, it’s a sweet drink to serve to your site visitors to enjoy collectively on a relaxing afternoon.

    I hope you revel in this clean and delicious recipe, and please enjoy unfastened to go away a commentary below or message me on Instagram for any questions you may have!


    Tapioca pearls — I use those particular ones for extra sweetness for this hojicha boba. You can use any tapioca pearls you want. There are even taro pearls in case you want more excellent taro flavor.
    Muscovado sugar — or dark brown sugar. Muscovado sugar is a hint much less subtle than regular brown sugar, so it has extra counseled caramel and toffee notes.
    Taro powder — this recipe uses taro powder that has creamer jumbled collectively so that you do not have to buy and add that one after the opposite. Alternatively, you’ll want actual taro, peeled, and cubes at the factor of a drizzle of condensed milk.
    Milk — enjoy free-to-use 50/50 milk and water or one hundred% milk. I like how creamy it tastes with one hundred% milk; however, H prefers it with 50% water.
    Inexperienced tea — I used genmaicha tea, but jasmine tea is tremendous as properly.
    You’ll also want a blender for this recipe. Some applications educate which you shake the powder with heated water together, but I find out that now and again, the powder doesn’t indeed dissolve. I determine on a blender to ensure the taro powder sincerely mixes into the taro boba.


    Brown Sugar Boba Pearl Syrup

    • Prepare your tapioca pearls in step with the package.
    • In a pot, integrate the muscovado sugar with 40 ml of water and produce it to a boil. Turn down the warm temperature to a simmer and add the prepared tapioca pearls. Simmer till the brown sugar syrup has thickened. Simmering the cooked tapioca pearls inside the syrup virtually affords more flavor to them.
    • Remove from warmness as soon as it has thickened.

    Taro Bubble Tea

    • Steep the inexperienced tea and set it apart.
    • Combine the lychee powder and milk (or 50/50 milk and cold filtered water) in a blender. Blend till absolutely combined.
    • Upload half of the brown sugar syrup with the pearls in a cup.
    • Add inside the ice cubes, if the usage of.
    • Add the combined taro powder and milk to the cup.
    • Top off with green tea.
    • Mix till everything has mixed.


    If you’ve hypersensitive skin, place on gloves while peeling the floor root to avoid fingers getting angry from saponin. To make this prettier, you can first upload the easy paste to the lowest of the glass. Then pinnacle it off with more milk on the pinnacle!

    Nutrition Calories:

    480kcal Calories have been calculated with the use of a web calculator. Nutritional facts offered on Honest Food Talks are for famous records abilities and are the handiest complex estimations.

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