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How To Make Thai Tea

    Thai Iced Tea is a creamy and fresh, lightly spiced sweet tea made with a combo of Thai tea (or black tea), milk, and sugar. Popular in Southeast Asia and served in plenty of Thai eating locations, learn how to make Thai tea at home with this easy-to-study manual and recipe.


    This sweet and creamy drink comes from Thailand. This drink especially carries four additives – black tea, Milk, sugar, and spices.

    Why is Thai iced tea orange?

    Almost all tea blends contain yellow #6 food coloring, which gives Thai tea its famous orange color. So if you are hesitant about ingesting meal coloring for your eating regimen, please be aware that many (if now not all) of these Thai tea mixes encompass food coloring.


    Thai tea is sweeter than ordinary tea due to sugar and condensed Milk. And the Milk makes it creamier and thicker. So the mouthfeel is cool and sparkling. However, the spices make it warm simultaneously. The dominant flavor is the form of black tea applied in its education. However, we can also discover several one-in-all a kind of flavors of gifts. Overall, this drink is tremendous if you like tea, boba milk tea, or milkshakes. Also, for the motive that many serve the beverage over ice, it is a really quality beverage for the summer season.


    Traditional Thai tea is made using a Thai tea mix. When my cravings these days kicked in for this decadent icy beverage, I searched and looked for a tea mixture without the food dye. Sadly, I couldn’t locate something. However, this fine encouraged me to discover a healthful Thai iced tea possibility that tastes in addition scrumptious, if no longer exactly similar to the real one. Making Thai tea from scratch allows you to skip over horrible materials.

    Ingredient Notes:

    • Black Tea Bags: you may use either unfastened tea or tea baggage to put together this recipe. I decide upon black tea bags because of the reality they’re a tad a good deal less messy and make for a slightly faster prep.
    • Sugar: The sugar you select to use for this recipe is absolutely as lots as you. If the use of some element like stevia, though, you can not need it as a wonderful deal because the recipe suggests. I opt to use coconut palm sugar as it has a bent to be one of the extra healthy options for sweetening recipes.
    • Star Anise: this licorice-like flavored spice is a key issue to a formidable taste that still gives a subtle sweetness. Sometimes it can be tough to discover in grocery shops. However, you may, without problems, buy it online.
    • Whole Cardamom: this spice is defined as being quite spiced, citrusy, and minty all at an equal time, and it has a robust aroma which makes it best for this tea mixture.
    • Cinnamon Stick: this stinky and sour spice is more potent in its unique shape. Adding an unmarried stay with the tea mixture will add a unique, warming taste.
    • Vanilla Bean: slice a ¼-inch sized piece from a vanilla bean to characteristic to the tea and spice aggregate, which provides a robust vanilla flavor further, including vanilla extract, which smooths the general flavor of the beverage.
    • Tumeric: This spice has an earthy and sour flavor with an almost musky peppery flavor; however, mixed into this tea recipe, it blends without difficulty and is liable for developing the lovely orange flavor at the same time as now not having to use meals coloring or dye.
    • Sweetened Condensed Milk: normally, sweetened condensed Milk isn’t one of the maximum healthful additives in a recipe, but this natural model leaves out all of the junk. You can also use canned coconut milk too and pass over dairy altogether.
    • Evaporated Milk: you may surely use sweetened condensed Milk, but I favor a combo of the two collectively for a smooth, creamy texture.


    Sometimes the Thai tea combination may be too sour for some people’s flavor. Everyone has a distinct level of flavor sensitivity, and hence, the astringency of the tea may be overwhelming. So the way to make Thai tea much less sour? It’s smooth. Here are a few suggestions:

    Perhaps you overstepped it. This manner that the leaves were soaking in the warm water for too prolonged. We recommend steeping the leaves for approximately half of-hour however, now not longer than 1 hour. Most of our readers have had plenty of achievements with this recipe and timing!
    If you’ve already made the combination, then add a touch greater water to the combination till it tastes extra balanced.
    Or, in case you’re going to brew the aggregate, use approximately 30% of the tea leaves.
    You can add a touch greater the half of 1/2 of or cream to soften the astringency. You’ll have a creamier thai tea drink. However, that’s though pretty delicious.
    Add extra ice to water down the drink.

    Recipe Alternatives

    • Traditional Thai Iced Tea
    • ½ cup Thai Tea Mix
    • 2 cups Water
    • ¼ cup Sugar
    • ½ cup Sweetened Condensed Milk

    Bring the water to a slight boil and whisk inside the Thai tea combination till dissolved. Stir inside the sugar until dissolved and preserve to permit boil for three mins. Remove from warmness and permit cool absolutely, about 20 mins, which additionally concentrates the tea taste. Pour the aggregate via a sieve to dispose of any sediment. Fill two glasses with ice and fill every glass with approximately ¾ of the entire tea mixture. Top with sweetened condensed Milk.


    Following the commands for purchasing geared up the Thai iced tea combination as tons as which consist of the Milk. Instead of using sweetened condensed Milk and evaporated Milk, use canned coconut milk. Shake the can before starting it, or combine it in a blender to mix the coconut cream with the coconut milk for a smooth pour.

    Thai Bubble Tea

    One of my desired techniques to enjoy Thai iced tea is with boba, and tapioca pearls, on the lowest and is generally referred to as bubble tea. To make this put together the boba as directed in the package and upload it to the lowest of your glass in advance alongside the ice. To actually revel in the beverage in this manner, you’ll moreover want bubble tea straws, which assist you in getting the boba on the bottom. It also can sound abnormal. However, it’s definitely delicious.


    If you intend on making big batches of this tea, which I mainly endorse, you then honestly want to save the tea in glass jars with lids or in a glass. Keeping them in single-serve-sized jars makes them easy to grab and bypass. The tea will preserve for as an awful lot as seven days stored inside the fridge.

    It is sincerely your preference if you would like to feature the sweetened milk aggregate in your tea throughout storage or preserve it stored one by one. The Milk aggregate simplest maintains for about four to five days in case you upload in complete Milk or evaporated Milk. Keep this separate, and the sweetened condensed Milk will final for up to two weeks in the fridge.

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