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How To Make The Alarm Go Off During A Phone Call

    A missed alarm on your mobile can be very irritating while engaged in a conversation or doing other things.
    This can get you in trouble if you miss a necessary appointment or meeting!
    If you’ve ever thought, “Why doesn’t my alarm sound while I’m talking to someone?” this post is for you.

    There are two leading causes for why your alarm doesn’t be able to sound:

    The alert tone may be too loud, so you don’t hear it either
    The option to notify you during phone calls is not set.
    We’ll look at ways to modify these in the following article!

    Can My Alarm Continue to Go If I’m talking via the phone?

    Whether your smartphone is Android or iOS, an alarm or timer you’ve programmed should be triggered regardless.

    The only way an alarm doesn’t go off will be if the phone is dead! Notices receive more priority than any other feature you can obtain on your phone. Consequently, it would help if you always sounded, regardless of how you’re working.

    If you’re making a conference call when the alarm sounds, it will still notify you of an alarm.

    The message will be displayed on your screen. Your handset will vibrate, and you’ll be able to hear some beeps during your call. It’s typically like receiving a text message on the phone.

    It’s straightforward to ignore or misinterpret the sound for an alert message (though the constant vibrations will signal you that it’s the alarm).

    If your phone is set to speaker mode, the screen should illuminate and inform you of the alarm. If you’re engaged in a video chat, and you are on a video call, you will get a notification displayed that appears on the screen.

    If none occur, you’ll likely need to examine your phone’s settings to ensure the notifications are active. If you’re just not hearing the call while making a phone call, it’s easy to adjust the volume of the alarm.

    Video Tutorial:

    The Reasons Why You Should Make Alarms Go Off When You Contact Android

    Setting an alarm that goes off while you’re on your phone is extremely useful for various scenarios. For example, if you’re in a meeting and have to make the next meeting, setting an alarm to sound at the appropriate moment can ensure you don’t get caught out on your appointment. In addition, if you have to remind yourself of taking a medication at a specific date, setting an alarm on your call may provide a valuable reminder. No matter the reason, the sound of a notice in the course of a call may assist in keeping yourself organized and focused.

    Method 1: Utilizing Third-Party apps

    One of the simplest methods to set alarms when you are on a phone call with Android is using third-party applications. Numerous apps through the Google Play Store allow you to set alarms. Google Play Store allows users to set alarms and reminders for a phone call, for example, Call Alarm Call Alarm or Call Reminder. Let’s look at how to use any of these apps to create an alarm for the phone call.

    • You can visit the Google Play Store. Go to the Google Play Store and download the phone alarm application that you like.
    • Download the application and then open it.
    • Give the appropriate permissions to allow the app to function correctly.
    • Choose the time of your alarm and the sound you would like to be your alarm choice.
    • Set the alarm to go off and return to the and make the.


    • It is simple to utilize
    • There are a variety of applications available through the Google Play store. Google Play store
    • Customizable alarm sound
    • They can be extremely helpful in reserving appointments for medications and reminders.


    • It is necessary to download and install an app from a third-party
    • A few apps could have ads or require in-app purchases to enjoy complete functionality

    Method 2: Utilizing The Stock Clock App

    Another option to make an alarm go off while you’re on a call from your Android device is to use the default clock app integrated into all Android phones. This is how you can utilize the clock app with your device to create an alarm for the phone call.

    • Start the Clock application from your smartphone’s home screen or drawer.
    • Click on the “Alarm” button towards the bottom of the display.
    • Click on the “+” button at the bottom of the screen. This will make an entirely new alarm.
    • Choose the time of your alarm and the sound you would like to be your alarm choice.
    • Make your alarm’s name known and click “Save” to save your notice.
    • Reconnect to the phone and then wait for your alarm clock to sound.


    • Stock App already on your device
    • Simple to utilize
    • Customizable alarm sound
    • You don’t need to download any other applications


    • This may not be as intuitive to some users.
    • Alarms are not explicitly designed to be used for calls.

    Method 3: Use Google Assistant

    If you’re an avid user of voice commands, it’s also possible to use Google Assistant to set an alarm for a call. How to accomplish it:

    • Calls can be initiated and placed on the speakerphone.
    • “Hey Google” or “Hey, Google” to enable Google Assistant. Google Assistant.
    • Request Google to set an alarm to a specific call time. For example, “Set an alarm to go off for 10 minutes starting now.”
    • Pick the alarm tones you prefer when asked.
    • Make sure to continue your call while you wait for your alarm clock to be triggered.


    • Hands-free and quick setup
    • A simple interface for those who like the ability to speak.
    • It is not necessary to manually open applications or type commands into them.
    • Customizable alarm sound


    • It requires the use of Google Assistant
    • The voice recognition feature may only work with some users in some environments.
    • Third-party applications are more customizable.

    What can I do so I do not miss my alarm because of a phone call?

    If you accidentally press the stop button and accidentally tap on the stop, your alarm won’t reoccur. It’s always better to mark important dates on your calendars and reminders. This is helpful when you make a mistake and put off the alarm that sounded when you were on a call.

    Does anyone know of any other reason why My Alarm Isn’t Working?

    If you’ve tried all of the solutions above but continue to experience the same issue, it is possible to determine if you’re on Do Not Disturb mode.

    It is possible to turn off the Do Not Disturb feature by doing these steps:

    • Click on the Quick Settings menu.
    • Click on the Moon icon to Do Not Disturb.
    • Modus has changed now to Focus

    This will guarantee the alarm won’t be on when you use the mode. This is only applicable to Android phones. iPhone alarms can be heard even when in Do Not Disturb mode.

    If your alarm still does not sound, attempt clearing the cache in the Clock App. However, this could cause you to delete all of your existing warnings.

    If you decide to go this route, have an inventory of the alarms you have stored as backups!

    Final Affirmations

    Alarms will keep going off for so long as your mobile is turned on and in use. No way to stop the alarm from sounding, regardless of whether your device is in Airplane Mode. Only if your battery is depleted or the phone has been turned off will the alarms be heard. Also, you can check out our blog post on how to fix the iPhone Alarm Too Quiet.

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