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how to mix colors on procreate

    I’ll show you how to blend Procreate. It is the act of mixing the two colors to create a brand new color in the Procreate. A blend, also referred to by the name of a gradient, is the outcome of mixing the two colors.

    Some artists think only the most advanced/high-end drawing tablets can achieve color balance and blend. It’s not true! Mixing color on the iPad is feasible with the right training, the proper tools, and the correct technique.

    We’ll teach you ways to blend colors using Procreate with this video tutorial. This guide shows you how to mix colors with colors in Procreate and is suitable for beginner and more experienced digital artists. If you’re beginning or are looking to refresh your workflows, you’re in the right spot.

    There are a variety of ways how to blend in Procreate. Since different blending effects can be applied to get the same outcome Feel free to explore this tool until you discover an approach that works for you.

    How can you blend in?

    You can try watching instead of acting to be more comfortable in social settings. Watch how people around you interact and socialize. It is possible to relax and watch instead of participating in discussions. While you’re protecting others, you can observe how different groups interact.

    Blending With the Smudge Tool

    The tool for blending is located at the top left of the toolbar. It is adjustable in size and level of opacity. This method is ideal for a broad range of colors. It is beneficial for smaller areas. Be aware that you’re touching only one layer when mixing different colors. Therefore, be sure to employ a smudge tool with a smooth edge. A bigger blend brush is more suitable if you’re seeking a more delicate appearance.

    In Procreate, blending and combining colors using an eyedropper is possible. This tool can help to mix and match different hues and shades. The next step is the import of color palettes. The palettes can also be downloaded on other websites, such as Pinterest. After you’ve downloaded your palette, you can begin using it! If you’re unsure how to mix and match colors, bring them into Procreate and make them your own.

    There are different ways to color in Procreate. You can first draw with a pencil or Apple Pencil to make your mark. Choose one closest to the color you wish to blend to make your brush appear like a pencil meeting. This way, you can work seamlessly, and your brushes won’t be a distraction from your other work. It is also possible to switch among various meetings to alter the look of your art.

    What Brush Do You Use to Blend Colors in Procreate?

    There is a range of brushes available for blending colors within Procreate. The most popular meeting used to blend shades is the smudge brush. This tool lets you draw color from one location and incorporate it into another to create a smooth transition.

    Another popular brush to blend shades is the blending brush. It has softer bristles, making it perfect for creating a more blended appearance.

    1. Keep it up!

    Colors close in value (how dark or light the color appears) or hue (what hue the shade of the.. hue is! ) are also easier to blend. On the contrary, colors that are not as close to the color wheel are more challenging to integrate effectively. If you’re looking to simplify the process of creating your (digital artistic) life more straightforwardly, try to bring the hues and values of your work together by painting in between colors, too.

    1. How do you blend using low Opacity brushes

    You may be used to making use of the smudge tool to blend colors in Procreate However, you can do the amount of mixing with the standard brush tool. If you adjust your brush to a lower opacity and ensure that the opacity is set to pen pressure, you can paint the colors over each other to create a lovely blend. When you glaze, you can add mid-tone colors that mix the colors further.

    1. Different brush = different effect

    The standard Procreate brushes can be easily used to blend, but remember that each meeting is unique and has a different impact. A few of the Procreate standard brushes you can use as an example include the Gouache (under Artistic encounters), Bonobo Chalk (under Sketching brushes), and the Stucco brush (under Artistic brushes). The Gouache creates a smooth blend, and the Bonobo Chalk and Stucco brush generate the appearance of a more natural texture.

    So, how to mix the two colors using Procreate?

    Method 1: Cover two layers of paint

    The first method involves creating 2 distinct colors.

    You’ll be creating your first color that has 100 100% transparency. This is my pink. Then, you can apply your second color to reduce its opacity by 50 percent—this time.

    This technique allows you to mix two colors, similar to how you paint paper using ink. But, it’s not possible to discuss mixing colors and mixing, so I suggest you go through the other method.

    Method 2 Mix two colors with the fingers tool.

    The finger tool lets you mix two distinct colors. To achieve this, you must create two solid colors close to one another (be mindful not to leave any white space between them).

    If you’re interested, choose the finger tool to allow the mix to be as natural and smooth as possible; select the same brush as the one where you created those solid shades. Attach the finger tool to the intersection of two solid colors and create concentric circles. You can see in my photo that I have the two colors merged precisely as you would in a palette of paint!

    How Do You Blend Images in Procreate?

    In digital art, one crucial technique you can master is the ability to blend colors and shades. This guide will teach you how to do this using Procreate. There are two methods to mix colors in Procreate using the airbrush tool or layer masks.

    Let’s begin with the Airbrush tool. Choose the airbrush tool from the toolbar and adjust the size, hardness, and opacity of your brush strokes to suit. After you’ve changed the settings for the brush, you can begin mixing colors by lightly tapping one color, then another.

    The most important thing is to avoid overdoing it. Too much mixing can result in a muddy mess! A couple of taps should suffice. If you’re looking to gain more control over your blends or if you’re looking to make more complex blends using layer masks, they’re the best option.

    Wrapping It Up

    This article teaches the method of blending images using the help of a Gaussian blur using Procreate. You’ve learned to mix colors or blend images in Procreate using various techniques and how to utilize Procreate’s Gaussian blur tools. You’re also aware of the limitations of this tool. You’ve also learned to mix skin using Procreate and some tricks for doing it.

    Blending is a crucial element of design for digital art. If you’re only beginning, you should experiment with blending basic objects of various shapes and colors. This will help you develop your ability to blend across all areas, not only using Procreate. Take your practice and patience to become proficient. It will be a breeze, and you’ll always use this technique when creating digital artwork.

    Once you’ve learned the art of blending, all forms of work become simpler and more enjoyable. The ability to integrate Procreate is a crucial part of the digital art curriculum!

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