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How to Pair Firestick Remote

    This post will certainly educate you on how to sync a brand-new push-button control to an Amazon Firestick. Several firestick owners experience troubles when syncing the supplied remote, as well as below are a few options to repair this issue.

    You can quickly link a brand-new remote to an Firestick by pressing and also holding the Residence switch on the remote.

    In case your television tool supports HDMI Customer Electronic devices Control (HDMI-CEC) you can likewise match an HDMI-CEC suitable remote by enabling HDMI-CEC on your television’s settings.

    If you can not get the remote to work effectively it could just be a battery problem. Due to its wonderful streaming capabilities, the Firestick and also Fire TV remote use a lot of power and also drain batteries extremely fast. If you are experiencing issues with your remote control, initially try altering the batteries.

    Exactly how to pair your Fire television Stick remote

    Thankfully, the procedure to couple your Fire television Stick is fairly basic to have you establish and also view material quickly.

    First, make sure your television is on and that you are holding the remote within 10 ft (3 m) of the TV After that, all you require to do is press and also hold the Home button on your remote for ten seconds. You should see the light at the top of your remote start blinking, followed by an on-screen confirmation that your remote has coupled.

    If you don’t see either, attempt removing or replacing the remote batteries and wait thirty secs before trying once again. If that still doesn’t function, see the following section for steps to reset your Fire TV Stick remote.

    Just how to Match a Replacement Remote to Your Fire TV.

    Press the residence button on your Fire Stick remote.

    Then open Settings. You can do this by pushing the appropriate directional switch on your remote until the equipment symbol on the right is highlighted. After that push the down directional switch on your remote to open up the setups menu.

    Next, select Controllers & Bluetooth Gadgets.

    After that choose Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

    Next off, select Include New Remote Your Amazon Fire TV will look for visible remotes and present them in a list.

    Then press and also hold the residence switch on your brand-new remote for 10 secs. As Soon As your Fire Stick recognizes your brand-new remote, it will certainly show up on the screen.

    Next, press the Select button on your old remote to validate. This is the button in the middle of the ring on your remote.

    Note: It might take a while for your new remote to upgrade.

    Lastly, you can use your new remote when you see it provided on the screen.

    Just how to combine a Firestick remote when you shed the old one

    If you do not have a working, paired remote, you can utilize your phone as a remote to link your new Firestick remote instead:

    1. Open the Firestick app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

    2. Select your Fire TV tool– or select Add device if you don’t see that option– then enter your account login info.

    3. Enter your PIN to start using your phone as a remote.

    4. Using your phone or tablet, select Home then hit Settings.

    5. Choose Controllers and also Bluetooth Tools.

    6. Go to Amazon Fire TV Remotes and also choose Add New Remote.

    7. Press and hold the Residence button on your brand-new Firestick remote up until it’s acknowledged.

    8. On your phone or tablet, press Select. Your new remote need to that show up in your listing.

    Can You Couple a Fire Stick Remote to a Different Fire Stick?

    There are several Fire Stick remote versions, and they aren’t all compatible. So while you can match a Fire Stick remote to a different Fire Stick, you can only do so if the remote is as well as Fire Stickwork. For instance, the second generation Alexa Voice Remote isn’t suitable with the 1st or second-generation Fire TV, the first generation Fire Stick, or Fire television Edition smart Televisions, but it does collaborate with various other models.

    There are no easy means to figure out compatibility, so the safest option is to talk to Fire Stick remote listings on commonly provide a checklist of compatible devices, as well as client support can also offer additional help if you aren’t sure. It does not injure to try pairing a remote if you currently have one, however, do not buy a replacement up until you’ve verified compatibility.


    Coupling a FireStick remote is simple. As a matter of fact, in most cases, the remote obtain combined automatically or with simply a press of the button. Nevertheless, in some cases, it needs to be combined manually. You are just required to comply with the directions in this overview to combine any Fire television remote.

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