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How To Play Music On Apple Watch

    Bluetooth headphones are necessary to hear Music and other audio on the Apple Watch. Learn how Bluetooth devices can be paired with your watch.

    Apple Music and Apple Podcasts are available to stream even when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular via your Apple Watch Series 3 or later. Your iPhone can also sync Music or podcasts to your watch. It allows you to access the content on your iPhone from your watch, even if your iPhone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi.

    How to Play Apple Watch Music

    These watches could be better at audio, so you won’t be able to play Music through their built-in speakers. Connect a Bluetooth speaker to your Apple Watch or Bluetooth headphones to hear Music. To Play Music from the speaker, pair the watch with an external speaker.

    Open the Music App on your Apple Watch.

    To Play Music you’ve downloaded to your Apple Watch, tap “Library,” then click “Downloaded.”

    You can browse your music collection to find songs, playlists, and artists.

    How to get Apple Music tracks downloaded on Apple Watch


    Open Apple Music iPhone

    Open the Apple Music application on your iPhone to get started.

    While we won’t get into the intricacies of the app, you will be able to search the 50 million+ tracks and curated playlists. Although you don’t need an Apple Music subscription, you can still download MP3s. Just make sure they appear in iTunes Music.

    Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

    Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Tap My Watch to open the Apple Watch app. Scroll down to Music.

    Tap “Add music,” and you will be taken to Apple Music. You can then browse by artists, albums, genres, and playlists. You used to have Music that had to be included in a playlist. Now you can add the Music you want. Browse and then tap to edit.

    Transfer music from your Apple Watch

    In the past, Music could only be transferred to the Apple Watch if it was in its charging cradle. You can transfer Music to your Apple Watch if you have watchOS 9 or higher.

    You must ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone during this time.

    Once everything is in order, you can follow these steps.

    Open the Apple Watch app and tap My Watch.

    Go to Music and tap “Add Music.”

    Find the Music you would like to sync by searching it and tapping the plus symbol beside it.

    The playlist’s status will change from ‘updating to complete to synced.’ While you can add multiple playlists to your account, you will lose the ability to save space.

    How to Play Spotify On Apple Watch

    Spotify can play Music through your chosen speaker or headset via your Apple Watch.

    Use the “Digital Crown,” an Apple Watch feature, to scroll through the list and pick the one you want with Spotify.

    Stream music straight from the Apple Watch

    These are the steps to download Music to an Apple Watch. You can skip this step to stream music on your iPhone.

    Here’s how to stream Music without an iPhone on your Apple Watch:

    A Wi-Fi, Cellular, or Series 3 edition Apple Watch. An active data allowance. Apple Music or Spotify Premium subscription.

    However, how does this work in practice?

    If your Apple Watch meets the above requirements and you have a cellular signal, you can tap into Apple Music even if you’re not connected to your iPhone.

    The Music app is less rich than the iPhone’s or Mac equivalents, but streaming playlists, recently played tracks, and more directly from your watch should be possible.

    It’s an excellent way to listen to and download your Music without downloading the entire thing. But be mindful of how you use your data.

    How to connect headphones to an Apple Watch

    These are the steps to follow when you connect headphones to your Apple Watch.

    Place your headphones in pairing mode.

    It could be pressing the pairing button on Apple’s AirPods. The Apple Watch should detect this automatically. For pairing mode to be initiated on your headphones, you must repeat the method your manufacturer may have given.

    Bluetooth settings can be found on your Apple Watch.

    To view all devices available, tap the settings app icon on your Apple Watch.

    Pick your headphones and wait until they pair.

    Tap on the headphones to pair. Your Apple Watch should now detect your headphones and pair you with them once they are turned on.

    If your iPhone starts playing Music, you can try to force the issue by pressing the watch screen. You can then choose Bluetooth playback and send it to your headphones.

    Shuffle and repeat the Music

    From the Music screen, you can shuffle songs, artists, and albums by tapping the Shuffle button.

    Playback screen: Tap the Queue button to play back Music. Next, tap the Shuffle or Repeat buttons.

    Tap Repeat two times to play a song.

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