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How to Practice Safe Health Protocols at Laundry Shops

    We are now past the lockdowns, and everything is under the new norm. We cannot freely go out without a mask. We have to protect ourselves by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask. This new norm has become a source of anxiety even when doing simple household tasks like laundry or groceries.

    As staying at home is not an option for some, especially when the threat is not likely to go away any time soon. Thus, we have to practice safe health protocols when outside. It is a luxury for some to have their dirty clothes taken care of laundry pickup and delivery service. Some do not have a washer and dryer at home, they have to go out and carry their laundry to the nearest laundromat.

    If you choose to go to the nearest laundry service, you must practice these to ensure you are safe.

    Sort dirty clothes before going.

    Sorting dirty clothes at home is a given. It saves you from the embarrassment of flaunting your dirty laundry at the shop. But, the main reason why it is better to sort your dirty laundry before going is to keep you at the laundromat for a short period. Refrain from spending longer periods at places with other people.

    Always wear a mask.

    This has always been a guideline from the CDC. Do not remove your mask in public areas. COVID is highly transmissble through respiratory droplets. Thus, always wear your mask.

    Visit the laundry shop at times when there are few people.

    There are some days and time of the day considered a rush hour in laundry shops, and it is usually during the weekends. It is better to go on days or hours when there are only a few people. 

    Use a contactless payment solution.

    Contactless payment solutions have been encouraged since the pandemic, it is one of the few things that protects you and the others. Cash are high-touch surfaces. That’s why online payment solutions are preferred.

    Do not use shared items in the laundry shop.

    Several laundromats have shared items. They provide push carts and entertainment amenities such as game arcades, magazines, and mini library for children. Shared items are helpful in helping customers. However, this should not be present nor used as viruses may live on its surfaces for extended periods. 

    Sanitize often.

    Even before the pandemic, hand sanitization is already essential in keeping ourselves safe. Always bring your hand sanitizer or alcohol, some laundry shops do not have a lavatory to let their customers wash their hands.

    If you are using laundry delivery service, you can protect yourself by sanizitng the bag and setting it aside for a few days before putting away your clean clothes.

    It is fine if you do not want to visit the laundromat or have access to laundry facilities. You can handwash, and line dry your clothes at home. Always take sensible precautions to keep yourself and your family safe.

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