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How To Quote A Tweet In Reply

    Engaging your audience with Twitter is easy.

    Then, you can reply with a Tweet, send one, or cite a Tweet. You can also send a Direct Message.

    Twitter users often quote other people’s tweets, adding their comments and posting them to your Twitter page.

    Quote tweets are visible to your entire following.

    Then, what is the correct way to quote from a Tweet?

    Quick Answer

    Quote a tweet by adding it to your tweet. Retweeting or copying and pasting the complete tweet into your tweet will allow you to do so. Twitter allows users to comment on a quoted tweet.

    The guide is for you if you need to know the best way to quote tweets or why it’s a good idea. This guide will teach you everything there is to know regarding quote tweets. After reading this guide, you’ll learn how to tweet quotes. Let’s get started!

    What is a tweet with a quotation?

    X allows you to share more than just your tweets. Posting other peoples’ tweets is another way to share them. It is a retweet that shares a tweet from another user on your X Page, normally so other people (your followers can view it).

    A quote tweet can be viewed as a retweet. Retweeting merely shares another tweet. You can add comments and share someone’s Tweet with a Quote Tweet. Quote tweets may also be called Retweets that include a comment.

    You Can Use Quote Tweets to Promote Your Business

    Quote tweets appear frequently on X. It’s a fast and easy way to join a discussion on a current topic. You can use quote tweets to give context to what you say because they reference your case.

    You can quote tweet past tweets. Then, you can add your comments to the tweets. This is a great way to introduce a new viewpoint or call attention to a critical tweet.

    Quote tweets can emphasize other tweets with news stories, videos, and pictures. Use the comment section to discuss why you thought it was worth sharing.

    How can you quote a Tweet?

    In a reply, yes, you can. For a tweet, the option is usually available; however, for a comment, the method of copying the link must be used. Here’s how to do it on Android, iOS, or desktop.

    Method 1: Android and iOS App Twitter

    It is the same for both Android and iOS Twitter apps. The steps below will let you quote a Twitter in your Reply.

    You can only perform the following steps on Android.

    • On your Android phone, open the Twitter app and select the tweet quoted in the Reply.
    • tap the “Share” icon in the bottom-right corner to share a tweet.
    • You can copy tweets by clicking on the “Copy link” option at the bottom of the menu.
    • You can now reply by tapping on the tweet.
    • You can reply to a tweet by clicking the icon in the bottom-left corner.
    • Reply by entering your message, pasting the copied URL, and tapping the Reply Button.

    Copy the link and tap the Reply to add a tweet as a quotation.

    Method 2: Desktop Browser (PC)

    Just follow these steps to reply with a quote from a Twitter post on your PC:

    • Login to Twitter for your Twitter account.
    • Click the Tweet you wish to quote.
    • The share icon is located on the right-bottom corner of each tweet.
    • Select the Copy link option to tweet from the menu drop-down to copy the Tweet.
    • You can reply by clicking on a particular tweet.
    • You can reply by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner.

    Twitter App Quote Tweet

    Use the following steps if the Twitter app is more comfortable than the browser.

    • Access your Twitter Account on Android and iOS phones by opening the Twitter app.
    • Search for a particular tweet to be quoted.
    • You can retweet a tweet by tapping the icon located beneath the tweet.
    • Click on the option “Quote Tweet”.
    • You can add a comment on the screen that appears after the quotation.
    • You can publish your tweet once you add your comment by clicking the “Retweet’ button.

    The tweet you quoted will be shared with your followers.

    There are no further details.

    Quote Tweets can be a powerful way to share opinions and interact with your followers.

    You can use the quote feature to start a new conversation instead of simply retweeting a tweet.

    The Most Frequently Asked Question

    What is the limit for quoting a Tweet on Twitter?

    The answer is yes. Twitter introduced the Quote feature so users could freely quote and pass them on to their audience. So, anybody can quote a tweet if they use it correctly.

    Does a Twitter reply mean the same as tweeting a quote or a link?

    Both are distinct. The two are different. In a quotation tweet, you retweet someone’s message, and it appears in your own feed, while the Reply to a Tweet is only displayed on that person’s page.

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