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How To Recover Deleted Game Saves On Xbox One?

    Do you want to know if there’s the possibility of recovering deleted Xbox clips? Or restore deleted or lost games from Xbox 360? Read this article to learn how to retrieve deleted games saved on Xbox 360 with and without software.

    There’s no way to guarantee to restore erased Xbox 360 saves, but there are some options you could try. It is possible to check the console’s hard drive for any files that could have been deleted accidentally. They can be found and restored them using the aid of a data recovery program. Another option is to call Microsoft support for assistance with recovering the files.

    How do I recover Xbox data?

    There are many options to recover Xbox information if it’s been damaged or lost. One option is to utilize the services of data recovery, which can assist you in retrieving any files that have been lost from the Xbox. Alternately, you could try to restore your Xbox using an earlier backup. You can also attempt to reformat the Xbox and reinstall your operating system.

    How can I reinstall games that were deleted to Xbox One?

    If you’ve deleted the game off your Xbox One, you can restore it by using its Xbox One Backward Compatibility feature. To do that, locate the game on the Games & Apps section of the Xbox One dashboard and select it. After that, press the Menu button and select “Restore Game.” You will then be asked to select a backup copy that the game can be restored.

    Best Ways to Recover Deleted Steam Files

    Restore Saves From Recycle Bin

    If you accidentally deleted your game or saved files, You’ll need to head to the Recycle Bin. If you did not use Shift + Delete, you’d likely locate your documents when you find the information you’d like to get, then right-click it and choose Restore. It will then move it back to its initial place.

    How To Recover Saved Games From Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

    Steps To Restore Games From Xbox 360 Hard Drive:

    • Connect the Xbox 360 hard drive to an unhealthy Windows system and allow it to be recognized
    • Install and download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software onto the PC.
    • Start the tool and stick to the main screen directions.
    • Utilize the “Partition Recovery” option to extract games from the selected partition, or choose the “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to retrieve the games on the formatted Xbox 360 hard disk
    • This program can scan and display the contents of all the external and internal drives (Xbox 360’s hard drive)
    • Select your Xbox 360 hard drive and click on the “Next” button
    • The application scans the drive and displays deleted or missing games on the Xbox 360 hard drive
    • Choose the folders and files that you would like to retrieve to restore
    • Then save the game files to your preferred destination, but not onto the exact Xbox 360 hard drive, which could result in data being overwritten

    Manually Add Game Folder

    None of your files may be missing; however, Steam cannot locate your game. It’s easy to solve this in just three steps.

    Open Steam.
    Visit Steam > Settings > Download > Steam Library Click on Add Library Folder. Find the folder in which your game is located and select it. Select. The game will be back in the Library.

    How can you restore the Xbox One cloud saves?

    Hello, you can save games that you can restore from the cloud. All you need to do is download the game via the internet and then play the game and be able to see the cloud restore your saved information!

    What happens when you delete saved files on Xbox one? What happens when you delete locally saved games from Xbox? If you clear local saved games from your Xbox console, it would install the cloud-based save the next when you play. The console will prompt you to select which to play if there are differences between Local or Cloud saved games.

    What Causes Xbox One Green Screen of Death?

    If the device’s power source is suddenly cut, Xbox One stuck on green screen issues can be easy. Also, if the hard drive used by Xbox One is corrupted, there could be a read and write fault. This could lead to Xbox One green screen of death while playing games or installing software.

    What happens if you erase saved information on Xbox One?

    As a default, player profiles and any other game information will be saved in the Xbox One hard drive automatically, as well as game saves. So naturally, you can erase the saved data if you notice it is corrupted or becomes useless. The important thing to be aware of is that you cannot reverse the deletion procedure.

    How do I get access to my Xbox cloud-saved games?

    To access the Xbox Cloud saves, visit the “My Games & Apps” section on your Xbox One dashboard and click “Saved Games.” You’ll then be able to access all your saved games stored on your console. In addition, if you’ve transferred your saved games into the Microsoft cloud, you’ll be in a position to access them on any device that has access to the internet.


    Once you have recovered deleted games to the Xbox One, create a backup copy of it. This will come in handy the next time you encounter a hard drive that has been damaged, formatted or formatting damage, and accidental deletion. Be aware that you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to assist you in recovering data from Xbox One in the mentioned instances.

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