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How To Remove Band From Apple Watch

    If you’re cleaning the Apple Watch band or upgrading to a brand new one taking it off the watch is an easy procedure that will take only a few minutes.

    No matter what model that Apple Watch you have, removing your band follows the same procedure. As per Apple, it is noted that “bands that fit 38mm or 40mm case can be used with the other case, and those for 44mm and 42mm cases work with the with each other.” The sizes of your Apple Watch case and bands are at the bottom of your band. However, be aware that The font is tiny.

    Change and remove bands.

    Press the release switch on your Apple Watch.

    The band is slid across, removed, and then slid into the new band.

    Only insert a band that is manageable in the slot. If you’re having difficulty getting a band out or inserting it, you can press the release button for the band again.

    How to Change the Size of The Link Bracelet Band for Your Apple Watch

    If you’ve got your Apple Watch link bracelet band in your device, but it is too large, Apple has made it very easy to change the size on your own. It doesn’t require any specific tool to adjust how big the band of the link is. These steps show how to change the size of the band of a link to fit the size of your Apple Watch.

    Unstrap the Watch

    If closed or worn you can, you can open the butterfly closure on the watch. To open it, press the two buttons on the bottom of the butterfly closure, and you’ll hear a click signaling that the clasp has been unlocked.

    Eliminate the Links

    On the rear of your bracelet are buttons used to remove the links. When you press this button to remove the links, it is separated from other links. Make sure to remove the same number of links from each side of the watch to ensure that the watch is even.

    Attach the Band

    After you are satisfied with the number of links you have eliminated, you can connect the links. Slide back into position by aligning them before applying some pressure.


    The Apple Watch is a very popular gadget, but finding the perfect watch band that matches your style and preferences is challenging. Luckily, this article contains instructions on removing the band from the Apple Watch.

    It will also explain why to wear the Apple Watch on your dominant hand and what happens when you wear it too long or while showering. In addition, you’ll learn how to change the band on your watch and the frequency you need to perform it.

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