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How To Remove Grout From Tile

    When you find out that the grout among your lavatory tiles is discolored, moldy, or cracking, disposing of it could be a superb idea. Unfortunately, grout is hard to dispose of, and you’ll also spend tons less effort and time if you soften it first.

    You can melt grout for removal using a sugar and water solution, sulfamic acid, a lemon juice answer, or vinegar. You can also study warmness by using a warm-temperature gun, a blow dryer, or a steam cleaner. Liquid grout softeners are remarkable for the ground as they soak the grout, while warmth is super for wall tiles.

    How to Remove Grout From Tiles

    Grout is used for filling within the joints amongst tiles and consists of balance to tile installation. Because of its complex composition, it could be tough to do away with simultaneously as you decide to perform that. You can also want to update the grout in case it turns too moldy or hard to smooth; this is the case for tiles mounted in the lavatory or kitchen. Here are a few techniques that will help you eliminate grout from tiles: 

    Grout Removal Equipment

    One of the maximum inexperienced strategies to eliminate grout is to apply a grout elimination machine, and various varieties of grout removal gadgets are to be made available on the market correctly. Some of those types of tools encompass: 

    Manual grout removal device: You can use a manual grout removal tool or a screwdriver with a flat blade for the hobby. However, this approach is a bit tedious, so it’s pleasant to use this while eliminating small quantities of the grout.

    Oscillating device: Oscillating equipment does an extra effective venture in removing grout in smaller regions because it allows you to have a higher diploma of control even with the use of it. This device has a unique blade that takes out the grout in an oscillating motion and has a reducing head you may rotate for much less complex removal.

    Reciprocating observed: A reciprocating saw with a grout elimination blade is a few different devices to be had in most hardware stores, allowing you to do the method. This is a compelling piece of device, so be careful at the same time as the usage of it and begin on a slow placing. 

    Sugar and Water

    Aside from using gadgets, you could also create DIY grout removers with objects you have collected at home. For instance, you could use an aggregate of sugar and water because sugar has an abrasive texture that can put off grout without poor the tile. Here’s a way to use sugar and water to put off grout: 

    Mix this solution and dissolve a cup of sugar in a gallon of heated water in a bucket.

    Pour the sugar and water solution generously on top of the place.

    Saturate the grout with the answer on an unmarried day.

    Once saturated, use a wooden stick to cast off massive portions of the grout.

    For finer quantities of grout, use a scouring pad sprinkled with a bit of sugar so it can act as a slight abrasive. 

    Clean the location with clean water, then pat dry with a towel. 

    Water and Wood

    Water and wood furthermore provide a top-notch way to get rid of grout on tiles as it doesn’t scratch your tile. Make positive to use a piece of wood about ¼ to ⅜ inch thick with a rectangular-reduce forestall for the technique to be effective. Follow the steps to use water and timber for grout elimination: 

    Wet the vicinity and allow the water to soak for a few hours.

    Use the edge of the hardwood to scrape closer to the grout. If there is a lot of grout on the tile, gently sand the vicinity before scraping it with wood.  

    Remove more minor pieces of grout with a nylon scouring pad. 

    Rinse the place with water, then pat dry with a towel. 

    Vinegar and Water Solution

    Vinegar contains acetic acid, making it a perfect desire to soften grout. The downside is that vinegar occasionally stains tiles, so you need to be careful while using this method. 

    Before pouring beneficiant quantities of the vinegar solution into your tiles, test it on a small region to see if it’ll purpose discoloration. Choose a remote region so the harm will not be too apparent if vinegar ruins the tile. 

    You can use the vinegar answer at the grout if there may be no visible change to your tiles. If you test a distinction for your tiles, you must try an opportunity method.

    Here’s a way to use water and vinegar to melt grout: 

    Mix vinegar and water: Mix vinegar with heated water at a ratio of 1:2. 

    Apply the mixture: Pour the solution onto the grout and depart it for 10 to twenty mins. 

    Scrub the grout: Scrub out the softened grout. You also can dispose of the softened grout using a small piece of wood or a grout determined. 

    Vinegar must make your tiles silly if you use it frequently or do not wash it off well. After removing the grout, rinse the tiles to remove all strains of vinegar from the titles.

    Sulfamic Acid

    Sulfamic acid is an effective cleaning and bleaching agent but softens grout successfully. You should purchase it from most DIY shops or online. 

    If you pick out this approach, you must move away the sulfamic acid to soak into the grout for five minutes. 

    Follow the ones steps to melt grout with sulfamic acid: 

    Mix sulfamic acid and water: Follow the suggestions while mixing sulfamic acid with warm water. 

    Apply the combination:

    • Apply the answer along the grout and allow it to sit down for a few minutes.
    • Ensure that the grout doesn’t dry out.
    • Keep including the solution to keep it wet until it is smooth enough to cast off it. 

    Remove the grout: Use a grout elimination device to get all of the grout out.

    When the usage of sulfamic acid is recognized on the grout, you need to melt and do away with it and avoid exposing the grout to sulfamic acid if it isn’t essential; some grout, which embodies black grout, is sensitive to sulfamic acid and will alternate color and become lighter even as exposed to sulfamic acid for an extended period. 

    This video indicates various pieces of equipment that you could use to dispose of grout after you have softened it.

    Grout Removal Tips and Troubleshooting

    • Make it incredible that you use a masonry blade on the oscillating tool. Metal or wooden blades are beside the factor and require extra attempt.
    • Run a strip of painter’s or electric tape along the side of the tile seam for sensitive tile regions to guard the tile.
    • To guard the face of the tile, tape down cardboard.
    • If you can put off the grout all of the manners down, that is well. But if you can most straightforward put off in a protracted manner as 1/8-inch, an excellent way to artwork, too. When re-grouting, you no longer constantly need to dispose of grout properly all the way down to the substrate.
    • If you are the usage of a battery-powered oscillating tool, you could encompass water to maintain down the dust. Lightly mist the tile floor with a twig bottle. For protection reasons, do not use water with a corded oscillating device.
    • If you are having difficulty seeing the artwork due to grout dust, turn on the store vacuum and keep the nozzle subsequent to the tile seam as you parent. Be positive to equip the vacuum with a HEPA easy out to keep away from broadcasting grout dirt inside the residence.


    You can melt grout with the usage of any of the above techniques. Some, including warm temperature software, are quicker. However, you’ll succeed tremendously if you do away with the grout as soon as possible because it softens and hardens fast. 

    You could do artwork quicker and more correctly if you eliminated the grout because it softened, and having the proper grout elimination system accessible is also helpful.

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