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How To Remove Pop Socket

    If you are very personally a PopSocket, you probably understand how on hand they may be. We love our big gadgets. However, you must admit they’ll be pretty complicated to perform with one hand. This is wherein PopSockets are to be had. They’re designed to help you grip your device higher and might double as a smartphone stand.

    So you adore your PopSocket because it’s similarly functional and a fashionable accessory. Have you ever attempted to eliminate it? Say you need to switch it to your new device. PopSockets stick pretty hard on your phone case, making them complicated to take away. If you’re questioning the manner to eliminate a PopSocket, have a look at on for a step-thru-step guide and professional pointers.

    How to Remove a Sticky PopSocket

    PopSockets are remarkable for containing a telephone with one hand at the same time as your text with the possibility; however, when you have an ultra-modern case or improve your mobile phone and want to hold your PopSocket, you want to remove it from your modern-day device.

    The adhesive gel that sticks on your mobile telephone or case is reusable with the valuable format resource and leaves no residue within the returned. Here are the steps to take away the PopSocket:

    • Collapse the PopSocket, so it’s far flat towards your device.
    • Pry the PopSocket far from the device. Move your fingernail, spudger, or some different device under and during the disk as you deliver it.
    • Do you have a hard time getting the PopSocket to come back down? Slide dental floss below the adhesive to get it started. This is much less complicated with a 2d pair of fingers to assist.
    • Carefully pull the PopSocket a long way from the tool until it releases.
    • While the gel is sticky, bypass the PopSocket to each tool or case or flow into it to a considered one-of-a-type spot at the current device.
    • If the gel on the pop socket becomes dirty, wash it off with water and let it dry for 10 minutes before replacing it.
    • The cellular telephone is straightforward and pop socket-free, making you ready to slip this cellular phone into a modern case.  

    How to cast off a Popsocket out of your cellular telephone

    You can thoroughly take away a Popsocket out of your cellphone by using the use of following a few easy steps:

    • Push the Popsocket so that it’s flat closer to your cellphone.
    • Pry the Popsocket from your tool. Remember to be gentle. Try the usage of your fingernail, a credit score card or exclusive plastic card, or some dental floss to get in among the Popsocket and your cell cellphone in case you have a hassle.
    • Pull the Popsocket away from your mobile phone cautiously until it’s genuinely removed.

    Can you reuse a Popsocket?

    You can reuse a Popsocket after getting rid of it from a device. It’s exquisite if you rapidly switch it from one tool to a few different ones. Remember to ease the over again of the device to that you want to attach it. Additionally, suppose you phrase that the Popsocket is grimy. In that case, you can rinse it under foot water, which permits it to dry for spherical 10 minutes before attaching it to some aspect else.


    To take away your PopSocket from your cellphone, first, you want to fall apart it. Then, flow into your fingernail, spherical until you can detach it from your device. Alternatively, you may slide dental floss beneath your PopSocket. Connect it for your new tool before the adhesive gel dries out.

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