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How To Reset ViewSonic Monitor

    Viewsonic monitors could contain settings programmable in the monitor to benefit one user using a computer and not the other. The change of computers is also an explanation for why you decided to reset the Viewsonic setting. If a video graphics card is on your system, the image appears distinct. Resetting the Viewsonic monitor can be accomplished within minutes. Then, you can return to the Menu to set the settings to suit your preferred viewing style.

    How to Reset ViewSonic Monitor to Factory Default Settings

    Quality of display or performance issues could be due to unintentional or incorrect settings. If you want to regain your ViewSonic monitor to standard settings from the factory, These methods are listed below:

    Switch off your ViewSonic Monitor

    If you’re confident, you’ve selected the proper input source, but your monitor doesn’t show any signal errors, power cycle the monitor. The quickest fix that has helped numerous users. Turn off the ViewSonic monitor.

    Here’s how:

    • Switch off your display.
    • Unplug all cables on the screen.
    • Hold and press the power button on the screen for 15 minutes.
    • After three minutes, Connect the monitor back to the monitor, switch it on, and attach the cable for the video to the screen.

    Factory reset your ViewSonic Monitor.

    If none of the previous strategies work, it’s likely the ViewSonic screen has settings that are not correct and are responsible for the lack of signal problem.

    If that’s the situation, resetting the ViewSonic monitor to restore the factory settings is recommended. This is how you do it:

    • Open your monitor On-Screen Menu (OSD).
    • Select the memory recall option, and then select it.

    It will reset the settings of your ViewSonic display to standard locations.

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