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How To See Locked Messages On iphone

    • If you stop people from texting you through your iPhone, you won’t be able to read the messages delivered while you are having the phone number blocked.
    • If you decide to change your mind and wish to view messages from the person you blocked on your phone, then you may unblock that person’s phone number to begin receiving messages from them again.
    • You may also choose to block messages sent by people that you do not already know by setting up a separate tab within your Messages app. You are able to see messages filtered.
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    Blocking telephone numbers can be a useful option to stop unwanted text messages and calls, such as those sent by companies that sell to you on your cell phone. It’s actually quite simple to block any number calling or texting using the instructions in our article, “How to block a phone number on your iPhone.”

    After being blocked, the person calling you isn’t able to leave any message for your iPhone or iPad, regardless of whether it’s SMS or an iMessage. You won’t get messages from people who have been blocked. Nevertheless, you are able to unblock the person and begin receiving messages later on, by only a couple of clicks.

    Are there ways to retrieve Blocked Messages from iPhone?

    Finding blocked text messages on an iPhone cannot be done. If you block a person with an iPhone, this effectively blocks all messages and phone calls made to the phone number. In contrast to Android gadgets, iPhones do not have an established “blocked folder” where blocked messages can be found.

    Some software for data recovery might claim to aid in getting blocked messages off of an iPhone. However, such assertions are not really effective. There’s currently no effective method of retrieving messages that are blocked on an iPhone.

    But, if you wish to retrieve deleted messages of Someone who was blocked or unblockable, alternatives are to use. In this article, we discuss how you can unblock a person and then retrieve deleted text messages without the need for an existing backup or using iPhone backups.

    This method may prove useful in locating messages that are not blocked intentionally.

    How to Unblock Messages on Your iPhone

    If you’ve previously blocked the individual who was sending the message, then you’ll have to remove them from your block first. The message sender cannot view your messages or even contact them until they’re unblocked.

    Unblocking a contact is easy. Navigate to Settings > Blocked Contacts > Messages, then select the Edit option on the left-hand side of the screen. Press the red plus button near the contact’s name to allow it to be unblocked. The contact will be able to make new messages. Keep in mind that this allows your contact to stay in touch with you by making new calls and calling you through FaceTime, as well as other such actions.

    Now, you can get messages from the person who previously was blocked. If they delivered any messages to you during the period they were blocked, you are able to ask for them to send those messages again that you were unable to see before.

    How can I get access to the block messages folder on my iPhone?

    Beginning with iOS 16.5, All messages from blocked numbers or promotional businesses, as well as spammers, will be stored within the Unknown Senders folder within your iPhone. The earlier versions of iOS 16.5 do not have a folder to store messages that are blocked.

    To get access to the blocked message folder within your iPhone, Follow the following steps:

    • Go to the Messages application on your iPhone
    • Touch the “Filters” icon at the lower left
    • Then tap on the Unknown Sender. The blocked messages will be kept in the folder.
    • You can now see the entire list of messages from businesses, spammers, and blocked numbers.

    What Do You Know When You’re Blocking Someone’s iMessage?

    Here are some methods to determine if Someone has blocked from your iMessage

    • Check the Color of the Text Bubble Check the color of the text bubble: If its color shifts from green to blue, this indicates that you’re being blocked.
    • The absence of status updates In the event that Someone has blocked your account, you won’t be informed about the status updates for the messages that you’ve sent.
    • Failure to Call Inability to Make Call: Contact the individual who is associated with their IMessage. If you get a call and it promptly disconnects, they might be blocking you.

    FAQs About Blocked Messages iPhone

    Check whether you’ve blocked Someone in error.

    If you’ve accidentally blocked your contacts using your iOS device, you’ll have to open your iPhone settings and then press the Phone icon following that. Select the blocked contacts and click on the Edit icon. Then, you’ll be able to remove the blocked person from your iOS device.

    How can I view blocked messages when I have blocked them?

    It is impossible to view blocked messages on your iPhone after you’ve blocked Someone from the iPhone. But, you are able to retrieve messages that were sent by the person whom you blocked using iTunes and/or iCloud backup.


    Even though getting blocked messages to be retrieved from an iOS device isn’t feasible, We’ve provided the best ways to retrieve deleted messages in the blocked contacts. The blocked messages can be retrieved from your iPhone via iCloud or iTunes in the event that you’ve created your backup.

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