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How To Set Emergency Contact (SOS) On Android Phone

    While it’s not among the most exciting features, setting on Emergency SOS features should be at the top of your checklist for your brand-new Android smartphone. Although the specific set of options varies among manufacturers, Emergency SOS provides an option to reach the emergency number without more than just pressing the power button a couple of times.

    In the event of an accident, you are the victim of an unintentional robbery in your home, or you are in a tense situation in an area that is not known, integrated Emergency SOS features can be useful to prevent disastrous results.

    Things You Need to Be Educated About

    • Emergency contact numbers can be easily made by dialling your phone’s display lock screen without unlocking your phone.
    • You can manage or add emergency contacts in the Phone and Contacts apps.
    • The Contacts application also permits you to input medical data like your status as a donor of organs, blood type, and allergies.

    What exactly is Emergency SOS?

    Emergency SOS can be a helpful option that will automatically contact emergency services and transmit an alert/message to the preferred contact number (the one you would like to call in the event of an emergency).

    Suppose the opportunity is turned on on your smartphone. In that case, it uses the location of your device and Google Location Accuracy to send your information to emergency response teams even when these settings are not enabled. Once the emergency call ends, everyone on your emergency contact list will be informed via text message, except if you cancel.

    The phone transmits information about your phone’s current location, and during the time entering SOS mode, emergency contacts will receive notifications as your location shifts.

    How to configure and utilize Emergency SOS

    These are the procedures to set up Emergency SOS on an Android phone.

    • For the first time, go to Settings and Safety and Emergency. For some phones, you will find it under the Advanced options. In this section, you will be able to switch off Emergency SOS. There is an opportunity called “Send SOS messages” or similar.
    • It should prepare a concise description of the procedure to trigger the emergency action but to be ready if the need arises; all you have to do is hold the Side key five times. The side button is typically the power button of the device.
    • The primary emergency choice to be enabled is to call local authorities like 911. However, you can allow a text message to the emergency contacts you selected in the menu previously. The messages will contain information about your location, an audio file recorded by the phone’s microphone, a request in writing for help, and a reminder when your phone is about to run empty of battery.

    A countdown set is also an excellent way to avoid accidentally triggering the emergency phone. The default setting is 10 seconds, which will usually be a satisfying time to end the call in case it is unintentionally activated.

    How do you turn on Emergency SOS features?

    The Emergency SOS comes with two options that are activated by default. They both go into effect upon SOS activations. First, it triggers an alarm. Warning, while the other summons emergency services. Options like car crash detection and location sharing must be enabled separately.

    • Go to the Settings application on your smartphone.
    • Scroll to the bottom and then select Safety & Emergency. For previous versions of Android (and earlier versions of Android), the Safety & Emergency menu can be found under the Advanced Settings menu.
    • Tap Emergency SOS.
    • Turn on the Use Emergency SOS slider.

    How do you add Emergency Information to your iPhone?

    In the first place, you must open the medical ID. There are three methods to reach the location:

    • Press the long-press button to open the Apple Health app and choose Medical ID.
    • Open the Health app (it’s already installed on all devices that run iOS 8 or later). Select your profile photo on the right Side of the screen. Select Medical ID. If you last opened the Health application some time ago, you may need to fill out a Health Checklist, which will connect you with the Medical ID.
    • Click Settings > > Health > Medical ID.

    Tap Edit.

    Complete as much detail as you’d like to give. If you’re not on any medication and don’t have allergies, then write “None” and “None identified.” If you don’t, emergency personnel and medical professionals could think they missed your answer.

    To make an emergency Contact For Emergency Contact, you only need to select a person’s name and telephone number on your Contacts application. If you’re looking for someone to add, ensure you have them in your contacts on your smartphone.

    In the page’s lower right corner, the emergency Access switch option shows when locked and shares during an emergency call.

    There’s a feature for photos of yourself near the top of this page. Upload a current photo of yourself. This can benefit the emergency services by knowing they’re looking over your info rather than another person’s.

    Once you’re done, click Done in the upper right.


    A feature called Emergency SOS on Android and iPhone devices is an essential instrument that functions as a vital emergency response centre. It’s crucial to set it up and know how it functions to warrant your security and the security of the people you love. Keep in mind that, in emergencies, every minute matters!


    Q1: Will Emergency SOS work without the internet?

    Indeed, Emergency SOS does not require internet access. The app uses your phone’s cell network to send a message to the emergency number that is local to you.

    Q2: How can I personalize my emergency contact list for Emergency SOS calls?

    Android and iPhone let you add the emergency contacts you want to add and make SOS calls accordingly.

    Question 3: What will happen when I accidentally use the Emergency SOS feature?

    If you cannot stop the activation of Emergency SOS, you can stop the call, even though it isn’t connected until then.

    Q4 Will the Emergency SOS feature be activated when my phone is locked?

    Yes, SOS is indeed a feature that can be activated. The SOS feature is available for Android and iPhone devices, even if locked.

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