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how to slow down a video on snapchat

    Snapchat can be described as an instant message application that lets you share your videos and photos with family members, friends, and coworkers. Additionally, you can create stories as movies and then share your stories on Snapchat. The stories will be accessible for the next 24 hours; after that, they have removed automatically from the app.

    When sharing your videos, you can apply a variety of filters already available on Snapchat, including Slow Motion is one of the filters. You might want to know ways to reduce the speed of your video on Snapchat to draw the viewers’ attention to the subject or let the viewers see your actions in full detail.

    In the following sections, you’ll learn what you can do to reduce the speed of videos on Snapchat and other techniques you can apply to slow down playback more effectively.

    How can you alter the speed of the video on Snapchat?

    To alter the speed of the video on Snapchat, start by opening the video you wish to edit. Use your finger to hold the video and move it to either left or right to allow it to move faster or slower.

    How do you reduce the speed of a TikTok video that isn’t yours?

    There isn’t any one specific method to accomplish this. You could try using video editing software to reduce the speed of the video or downloading a slower copy of your video from another source.

    Slowing down Video on Snapchat Snapchat Step-by-Step

    The feature ‘Speed Modifiers’ lets you add the slow-motion effect to your videos. It’s simple, and you’ll be able to slow down your videos in the blink of an eye. Follow these steps:

    The first step is first to open Snapchat.

    After that, you need to click on the Gallery button next to the shutter button. You’ll see Snaps made with Snapchat or videos shot with the camera on your phone.

    Click one of these to select the clip you want to upload to Snapchat.

    After the video has been uploaded after uploading, tap the three dots icon located on the upper-right edge of the display. You will then look for Edit Snap.

    If you’re watching a video on full screen, you can begin to swipe from left to right until you reach a Snail icon. The Snail icon is the slow-motion symbol you’ll make use of.

    Click”Send” to send this brand-new video, slowed down, with your contacts and on Snapchat.

    You can also take a video straight through Snapchat, the app itself. If you do when you’d like to add slow motion to the video, you can start by swiping across the left until you locate an icon for snails. The rest of the steps are identical.

    Utilizing a third-party video editing iOS application

    The App Store offers a variety of apps that allow you to create a slow-motion effect for the video. Start and search for a slow-motion video maker. Select one that has a good rating.

    I’m using Slow Motion Video FX Editor to write this post. Discover how to utilize this application to reduce the speed of your video:

    Launch the app, select your video in the Camera Roll, and tap Next.

    Tap Adjust.

    Simple: Tap Basic and drag the slider to the left to slow the video. Tap the checkmark to share – share icon at the top, then save.

    What if your video is Not Being Saved on Snapchat?

    When you find that the memory inside your smartphone is too large, it could cause problems when downloading videos you’ve modified on Snapchat. In this instance, first, make sure you get rid of the internal memory. Get rid of the garbage data and clean the cache. You can then try shifting the data off inside your memory device onto external storage devices such as pen drives. Pendrive.

    Do what you can to create space within the internal memory on your smartphone. If you’re clearing the cache on your phone, be sure to clean the cache of Snapchat first. If that doesn’t work, turn off your phone and attempt to slow down the video on Snapchat once more after a few minutes.

    The Bottom Line

    Once you’ve learned the best way to slow down videos using Snapchat and FlexClip, You can swiftly open both apps and use them to alter an identical video. You’ll immediately notice the differences between both apps. FlexClip is a complete toolkit. Other cool features to explore with the application include splits, emojis, and transitions. The website also features an extensive stock library from which you can pick high-quality pictures and videos for your content design. Be sure to try FlexClip on an attempt!

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