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How To Stop Auto Archive In Gmail

    The day starts with emails getting delivered to our clients using email. A notification window that displays none of the emails indicates something is wrongct.

    The issue I faced in the past few days was the same. It did require me to be displayed after having restarted the application. No error was detected with either the email or the network client. Numerous phone calls were placed to me by the corporate department regarding my email. The email didn’t work.

    My studies revealed a potential solution. It was much more complicated than I had initially thought.

    Be assured that you’re in a similar position to me. I’ve composed a few straightforward steps to help you get your email back to where it should be. Make sure you follow the directions.

    Why is Gmail automatically archiving emails?

    Do your emails get automatically archived, and do you need clarification about where to locate the archived messages in Gmail? It’s not a problem that’s unique to Gmail. Many people have the same issue because Gmail differs slightly from most providers.

    If an email from a Gmail message is archived, it isn’t moved into a separate Archive folder. Instead, it is removed from the Inbox folder and transferred into the All Mail folder. This can happen automatically when you have enabled the Send and Archive feature in Settings > General is allowed.

    Turn off the auto archive Gmail email feature:

    • Log into your account, then click on the gear that says settings.
    • Click the See All options option.
    • Click on the General tab.
    • Select to hide the “Send and Archive” button in the reply.

    It’s also important to know that transferring messages into the Android and iPhone email archives is possible by sliding them left or right from your mailbox. All the emails you’ve archived on your smartphone are in your All Mail folder.

    What can I do to Stop Auto Archive in Gmail?

    If Gmail allows auto-archiving of emails for the benefit of a user, it will automatically move older emails into the All Mail folder. Although it does clear the list, some prefer to organize their emails manually for instant access to critical messages. So, let’s get it done.

    The downsides of Auto Archiving within Gmail

    There could be some negatives or drawbacks that most users do not favor else to the feature. For instance:

    Lost emails: Occasionally, important emails can be accidentally lost within the All Mail folder. It can lead to a mishap as well as unintended results.

    Delay in Responses: Old emails need the label Priority. If they are overlooked, replies to emails may be delayed, which is something you wouldn’t wish for.

    Due to the complexity of your search, you could use more sophisticated search terms like the sender’s name, subject line, or any other specifics to locate the archived email.

    More Storage Space The archived emails will take up lots of space, mainly if attachments aren’t separated. Ultimately, you’ll need to remove them or obtain storage space.

    Do I have to turn Off Auto Archive in Gmail?

    However, no, it cannot be done to stop the auto-archive feature of Gmail entirely. But there’s an option that may assist you with that.

    You may turn off this option. Send & Archive option. This will prevent accidentally archiving messages when you respond to messages. In addition, you can remove them manually using The All Main folder.

    • Start Gmail and click the gear (Settings) icon in the top right corner.
    • Click on View to view all the settings.
    • Under the General tab, move down until you reach and then the Send and Archive section.
    • Click the Show “Send and Archive” option in the response.


    The issue of accidental transfer of emails to your archive has plagued Gmail. It happens on iOS and Android. Gmail lets you alter the swipe gestures and turn off the swipe in archives.

    Turning off the right swipe to archive helps you to avoid accidentally deleting essential emails. The swipe feature can be helpful in certain situations; however, switching off this feature lets users choose how they archive.

    By making this simple, easy tweak, you will be able to improve your Gmail on your mobile device and manage your Inbox as you’d like.

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