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How To Tell What Apple Watch You Have

    Whether you want to realize which Apple Watch version you’ve got were given, have been given to test watchOS compatibility, or are looking to promote it to improve to a modern one, observe alongside for the way to understand which Apple Watch model you’ve been given easily.

    They may be difficult to inform apart if you’re not acquainted with the several Apple Watch iterations. Luckily, in assessing how Apple does subjects with its specific devices, Apple Watch model facts are without difficulty located on the lower return of the tool.

    How Do I Know Which Apple Watch I Have?

    The Apple version quantity studies are the maximum reliable way to emerge as aware of which series your Apple Watch belongs to, and it’s brief to find out. The best downside is that when you’ve determined the version range, you have to take an additional step to look up that range inside the Apple Watch generations listing, which I covered underneath to prevent time. First, here’s a manner of discovering your Apple Watch model’s wide range:

    • Open the Apple Watch app.
    • Tap the My Watch tab, after which the faucet General.
    • Tap About.
    • On this screen, you’ll see a section that says, Model. It will encompass more than a few in it. However, you could tap this quantity to expose the model quantity.
    • apple watch model variety
    • Once you have tapped at the variety, an ultra-modern four-digit variety preceded with the aid of the letter A will appear. This is your Apple Watch model variety.

    You now have the version range; however, you might also question, “What Series is my Apple Watch?” Your version range will inform you which one’s collection your Apple Watch is part of.

    Apple Watch (First Generation, 2015)

    The first technology of the Apple Watch debuted with four extremely good releases: the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition, and Apple Watch Hermès.

    Model A1553: 38mm
    Model A1554: 42mm

    Apple Watch Series 1 (2016)

    With the discharge of the Apple Watch Series 2 in 2016, the primary generation Apple Watch became updated due to the reality of the Series 1 and bought in a single variation: the Apple Watch Series 1 Aluminum.

    Model A1802: 38mm
    Model A1803: 42mm

    Apple Watch Series 2 (2016)

    The 2016 model of the featured model numbers all four base options: the Apple Apple Watch Series 2 Stainless Steel, Apple Watch Series 2 Aluminum, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Nike+.

    Model A1757: 38mm
    Model A1758: 42mm
    Additionally, the immoderate-give-up Apple Watch Edition had its private version numbers:

    Model A1816: 38mm
    Model A1817: 42mm

    Apple Watch Series 3 (2017)

    The 1/3 collection of the Apple Watch became the number one to offer cell assist and blanketed five certainly one-of-a-type GPS + Cellular alternatives in the route of six models: the Apple Watch Series three (GPS + Cellular) Stainless Steel, Apple Watch Series three (GPS + Cellular) Aluminum, Apple Watch Edition (GPS + Cellular), Apple Watch Hermès (GPS + Cellular), and Apple Watch Nike+ (GPS + Cellular)

    Model A1860: 38mm
    Model A1889: 38mm
    Model A1890: 38mm
    Model A1861: 42mm
    Model A1891: 42mm
    Model A1892: 42mm
    Two GPS-only options have been released as nicely: the Apple Watch Series three (GPS) and Apple Watch Nike+ (GPS).

    Model A1858: 38mm
    Model A1859: 42mm

    Apple Watch Series four

    Model numbers

    40mm: A1975
    44mm: A1976
    GPS & Nike+ GPS version numbers

    40mm: A1977
    44mm: A1978
    All Series 4 Apple Watches have a purple ring on the virtual crown. Look on the lower back case to decide which Model you’ve got was given (which includes GPS & LTE Cellular).

    GPS + Cellular Stainless Steel: Sapphire crystal, ceramic, GPS, LTE
    GPS + Cellular Aluminum: Aluminum & ceramic case
    Hermès: Hermès can be engraved at the decrease once more
    Nike+ GPS + Cellular: Nike logo, GPS & LTE
    GPS: No Nike brand
    Nike+ GPS: Nike emblem

    The Final Word

    Remember that your Apple Watch’s version amount will best let you understand its digital hardware. There are one type of variation inner every version, and each has a unique marketplace price. Research greater to your watch’s variation more to get the extra correct statistics.

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